7 easy ways to imagine a romantic proposal in Toronto

If you live in Toronto, you know there are enough venue options to plan that perfect proposal. Unlike your wedding or engagement, where you are required to think of your guests, this is more of a personal and intimate event, which involves just the two of you. We have seven easy ideas to imagine your dreamy day.

  1. Go for all-inclusive services: Services like Raven Blooms proposal décor can take care of everything, from the choice of flowers to the setup and teardown. In other words, when you outsource the work to a vendor who knows the job, you have less to worry about.
  2. Get personal with the design: Local florists and vendors will want your input when planning the space, and this is a good way to add your love story to the mix. If you are new to a service, check some of their previous work and consider what they can do to add an aesthetic appeal to your initial idea.
  3. Choose an open venue: A serene space is always better for a proposal than a closed restaurant. When the surroundings add to the mood, you don’t have to overspend on the décor elements and can draw inspiration from natural elements.
  4. Add the cozy details: From a covered canopy to floral centerpieces that rely on seasonal flowers, there are many ways to enhance the coziness of the venue. You can also go for initials and add special lighting, along with signs to accentuate the setup.
  5. Find what she wants: While a florist can always give you ideas, you know the person you intend to marry, and therefore, their preferences and personality are big factors for the proposal. Yes, you need the ring, but consider small details that excite them, including the choice of wine and music.
  6. Plan early: If you don’t want to rush into last-minute details, always plan the proposal early. You have more time to rethink themes with the vendor, can choose to tailor the arrangements and get the right menu on the table.
  7. Keep it simple: You want the day to be special, for which it is best to go for a theme that doesn’t feel overwhelming. Grand proposals are great but also require significant planning. For many couples, it is all about feeling the vibe of the beach or having a candlelight dinner under the open sky.

Check for reliable and top-rated vendors in Toronto now and start your planning.