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Unleash Your Gaming Potential with Unblocked fun skill games: Endless Fun Awaits

Unleash Your Gaming Potential with Unblocked fun skill games

Might it be said that you are prepared to unleash your gaming potential and jump into a universe of endless fun? Look no farther than unblocked fun skill games, the doorway to unhindered diversion. In this article, we will investigate the thrilling domain of unblocked fun skill games, featuring how they can open a universe of gaming prospects and permit you to drench yourself in the delight of playing completely.Unblocked fun skill games are the ideal answer for gamers who look for continuous admittance to their #1 titles. Dissimilar to conventional games that might be impeded or confined in specific conditions, for example, schools or working environments, unblocked games side step these constraints, allowing you the opportunity to play whenever, anyplace.

One of the best benefits of unblocked fun skill games is their availability. Whether you’re on a break at school, sitting tight for a trip at the air terminal, or essentially unwinding at home, unblocked fun skill games guarantee that you never need to pass up your gaming fix. With only a couple of snaps, you can plunge into a huge determination of games that length different classes, from activity pressed experiences to mind-twisting riddles and in the middle between.Besides, unblocked fun skill games offer a different scope of choices to suit each taste and inclination. Whether you love methodology, sports, hustling, or exemplary arcade games, there is an unblocked game hanging tight for you. Unleash your internal gamer and set out on exciting journeys, go up against companions in multiplayer fights, or challenge yourself with mind prodding puzzles. The conceivable outcomes are unfathomable, and the experience won’t ever stop.

Notwithstanding their openness and assortment, unblocked fun skill games give an important stage to expertise improvement and diversion. These games offer long stretches of happiness as well as invigorate mental capacities, critical thinking abilities, and vital reasoning. Whether you’re sharpening your reflexes in a high-speed activity game or planning your moves in a difficult riddle game, unblocked fun skill games give a fulfilling and connecting with experience that can assist with improving your gaming abilities.Unblocked fun skill games likewise encourage a feeling of local area and rivalry. Many unblocked fun skill games highlight multiplayer modes, permitting you to interface and contend with players from around the world. Take part in cordial fights, unite with companions to overcome virtual domains, or partake in web-based competitions to exhibit your gaming ability. The social part of unblocked fun skill games adds an additional layer of fervor and fellowship to your gaming experience.

Finally unblocked games offer a universe of endless fun and boundless potential. With their availability, different scope of choices, and capacity to improve abilities, unblocked fun skill games engage gamers to investigate new skylines and drench themselves in exciting virtual experiences. Whether you’re a relaxed player looking for diversion or a committed gamer hoping to refine your abilities, unblocked fun skill games give the ideal stage to unleash your gaming potential and leave on an extraordinary gaming venture.

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Top 10 features included in trusted volunteer management software

Managing daily reports and tracking daily activities can be time consuming for nonprofit organizations. These companies work on a large scale to promote fund raising events. Thus, it becomes essential to pick the right software for organizing things perfectly and accomplishing mission.

In this article, we will discuss the top features that most trusted apps like free volunteer management software bring along. Before selecting a volunteer scheduling software app, you must look for two things on priority;

  • Whether the below mentioned featured are included in the software
  • If these features are simplified to add convenience and comfort to the user

10 prominent features that come in volunteer management software:

  1. Ask for free trial: One of the first features to check is whether the software developer offers you a free trial. A free trial helps understand how convenient it is to use it in volunteer management program.
  2. Functions everywhere: Volunteers may travel anywhere for event promotion. Thus, they need strong internet connection to access to the app from anywhere. An app must have the ability to work in any location.
  3. Simplified volunteer scheduling: Scheduling is the main objective of using the software. Your preferred software must have features that help you copy schedules, create templates, and schedule activities like a pro.
  4. Provides customized features: A good app manages things successfully and efficiently. These have customized filters to help you find what you are looking for.
  5. Improves communication: Volunteer scheduling app must improve communication with volunteers and fund donors. Communication is critical to handle multiple volunteers. That’s exactly what you must look for in your software.
  6. Task assigning: Volunteer software must do more than scheduling. It must also be able to simplify tasks, add data, track progress, create to-do lists, set reminders, and more for volunteers.
  7. Tracking system: Good software allows the volunteers to check in their shifts, mark present and absenteeism, track their daily tasks from their mobile phones itself.
  8. Exports data: Your volunteer scheduling app must be able to export data to analyze volunteer performance.
  9. Keeps the app up-to date: Automated updates help the software to work efficiently and smoothly. These help in keeping the software intact.
  10. Volunteer retention: Well-developed software like free volunteer management software with simplified features creates a comfortable vibe for volunteers to work efficiently. Thus, the nonprofit organizations enjoy volunteer retention as they are likely to stick to the company.
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What are blackout curtains?

What are blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are a type of window treatment designed to block out sunlight and other forms of light completely. They are typically made from a heavy, opaque fabric that prevents light from passing through, providing complete darkness to a room. They are commonly used in bedrooms, home theaters, and other spaces where total darkness is desired.

  1. What is the purpose of blackout curtains? Blackout curtains are designed to provide complete darkness to a room, making them ideal for use in bedrooms, nurseries, home theaters, and other spaces where light can be a disturbance. They can also help to insulate a room, reducing energy costs and keeping the space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  2. How do blackout curtains work? Blackout curtains are made from a heavy, opaque fabric that prevents light from passing through. The fabric is usually coated with a layer of acrylic foam or other material that adds insulation to the curtains. This helps to block out not only light but also noise and heat, making the room more comfortable and energy-efficient.
  3. What are the benefits of blackout curtains? Blackout curtains provide a range of benefits, including complete darkness to a room, improved insulation and energy efficiency, and reduced noise and light pollution. They can also help to protect furniture and other interior decor from fading due to sun exposure.

What are the Types of blackout curtains?

  1. Standard blackout curtains are made from a single layer of heavy, opaque fabric. They are effective at blocking out light, but may not provide as much insulation as other types of blackout curtains.
  2. Thermal blackout curtains are made from a double layer of fabric, with a layer of insulation between them. This makes them more effective at blocking out light and also provides better insulation, reducing energy costs.
  3. Acoustic blackout curtains are designed to block out both light and sound. They are typically made from a heavier, denser fabric that is effective at absorbing sound waves and reducing noise pollution in a room.
  4. Motorized blackout curtains can be controlled by a remote, allowing you to open and close them from a distance. This can be especially useful for hard-to-reach windows or for people with mobility issues.

How to Choose the right blackout curtains?

  1. Size and style When choosing blackout curtains, it is important to consider the size and style of your windows. Curtains should be wide enough to cover the entire window and long enough to reach the floor. They should also complement the style of your room and match your decor.
  2. Fabric and color Blackout curtains are available in a range of fabrics and colors. Choose a fabric that is heavy enough to block out light and provide insulation, and choose a color that complements your decor and provides the desired level of darkness.
  3. Installation and maintenance Consider the ease of installation and maintenance when choosing blackout curtains. Some curtains may require professional installation, while others can be installed easily with a few simple tools. Be sure to also consider how easy the curtains are to clean and maintain, especially if they will be used in high-traffic areas like bedrooms or living rooms.

blackout curtains are an effective way to block out light and improve the comfort and energy efficiency of a room. By considering factors like the type, size, style, fabric, and installation of your curtains, you can choose the perfect blackout curtains to meet your needs and create a cozy and comfortable space.

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What are the Features of Roller Blinds

What are the Features of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a type of window covering that has been gaining popularity over the years. They are a perfect solution for those who want to control the amount of light entering their room while still maintaining privacy. Roller blinds come in various styles, materials, and colors, making them a versatile option for any home or office. Roller blinds are designed with various features that make them a unique and stylish window covering option. Here are some of the features of roller blinds:

  1. Versatility: Roller blinds come in various colors, fabrics, and styles, making them a versatile option for any home or office.
  2. Light control: Roller blinds provide excellent control over the amount of light entering the room. You can choose from a range of light-filtering or blackout fabrics to suit your needs.
  3. Privacy: Roller blinds are an excellent option for maintaining privacy in your home or office. They can be adjusted to let in the right amount of light while still blocking the view from outside.
  4. Easy to clean: Roller blinds are easy to clean and maintain. You can simply wipe them down with a damp cloth or use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.
  5. Energy-efficient: Roller blinds can help reduce energy consumption by blocking out heat and cold from outside. This makes them an excellent option for those looking to save money on their energy bills.

Attractive and Amazing Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are an attractive and amazing window covering option for several reasons. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Style: Roller blinds come in a range of stylish designs, fabrics, and colors that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.
  2. Affordable: Roller blinds are an affordable option compared to other window covering options, making them a great choice for those on a budget.
  3. Space-saving: Roller blinds take up minimal space, making them an excellent option for small rooms or windows.
  4. Easy to operate: Roller blinds are easy to operate, and you can choose from various control options such as corded, cordless, or motorized.
  5. Customizable: Roller blinds can be customized to fit any window size or shape, making them a perfect option for non-standard windows.

Roller Blinds Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about roller blinds:

How do I clean roller blinds?

Roller blinds are easy to clean and maintain. You can simply wipe them down with a damp cloth or use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.

Can I get roller blinds for irregularly shaped windows?

Yes, roller blinds can be customized to fit any window size or shape, making them a perfect option for irregularly shaped windows.

Can I control the amount of light entering my room with roller blinds?

Yes, roller blinds provide excellent control over the amount of light entering the room. You can choose from a range of light-filtering or blackout fabrics to suit your needs.

Are roller blinds energy-efficient?

Yes, roller blinds can help reduce energy consumption by blocking out heat and cold from outside. This makes them an excellent option for those looking to save money on their energy bills.

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What are the benefits of using area rugs?

What are the benefits of using area rugs

One of the primary benefits of using an area rug is that it can protect your flooring from scratches, stains, and wear and tear. Whether you have hardwood, laminate, tile, or carpeted floors, an area rug can act as a buffer zone between your furniture and the floor, preventing damage and extending the life of your flooring. Additionally, area rugs can help to reduce noise levels in a room by absorbing sound and minimizing echoes.

Another benefit of area rugs is that they can add color, texture, and personality to a room. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues, intricate patterns, or natural fibers, an area rug can be a focal point that ties your decor together. Area rugs can also be used to define different areas within a larger space, such as a seating area, dining area, or workspace.

Finally, area rugs can enhance the comfort of a room by adding an extra layer of cushioning underfoot. Whether you prefer a plush shag rug, a flat-weave rug, or a high-pile rug, an area rug can provide a soft and cozy surface that invites relaxation and lounging.

How do I choose the right size area rug?

Choosing the right size area rug is crucial to achieving the desired look and function of a room. A rug that is too small can make a space feel disjointed and cramped, while a rug that is too large can overpower a room and detract from other design elements.

To determine the ideal size of an area rug, start by measuring the room and considering the placement of furniture. In a living room, for example, you may want to select a rug that is large enough to fit all of your furniture within its borders, or you may choose a rug that is slightly smaller and centered under your coffee table. In a bedroom, you may want to choose a rug that extends beyond the sides and foot of the bed, creating a soft and warm landing spot when you get out of bed.

When selecting an area rug, it is also important to consider the shape of the room and the shape of the rug. Rectangular rugs work well in most spaces, while round or oval rugs can add visual interest and soften the lines of a room. Ultimately, the size and shape of an area rug will depend on your personal preferences and the specific requirements of your room.

What materials are available for area rugs?

Area rugs are available in a wide range of materials, each with its unique advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular materials for area rugs include:

  • Wool: Wool is a durable and versatile material that is soft and naturally resistant to stains and odors. Wool rugs come in a variety of textures and can be dyed in a range of colors.
  • Synthetic fibers: Synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, and olefin are durable and affordable options for area rugs. They are easy to clean and come in a range of colors and patterns.
  • Natural fibers: Natural fibers such as jute, sisal, and seagrass are eco-friendly and add a natural and organic feel to a room. They are durable but can be prone to stains and water damage.
  • Silk: Silk is a luxurious and delicate material that adds a subtle shimmer and softness to a room.
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Creative and Unique Ideas for Curtains Installation

Creative and Unique Ideas for Curtains Installation

Curtains are an essential element of any room decor. They can add color, texture, and style to a space while also providing privacy and light control. However, the traditional way of installing curtains can sometimes be boring and uninspiring. Here are some creative and unique ideas for curtains installation that can make your space stand out.

Layered Curtains

Curtain Installation  is a simple yet effective way to add depth and interest to your window treatment. By hanging two or more curtains of different materials or colors, you can create a unique and textured look. For instance, you could layer a sheer curtain with a heavier fabric curtain to add more dimension to your space.

Ceiling to Floor Curtains

Another creative way to install curtains is to hang them from ceiling to floor. This installation style creates an illusion of height and makes the room appear larger than it actually is. This technique works best for rooms with high ceilings or those that have a lot of windows.

Wall-to-Wall Curtains

For a dramatic effect, install curtains from wall-to-wall. This technique involves mounting a track or rod across the entire width of the wall and hanging curtains from it. Wall-to-wall curtains create a seamless and cohesive look, and they can be used to divide a large room into smaller areas.

Cornice Box Curtains

A cornice box is a decorative box-like structure that is mounted above a window. It can be made of wood, fabric, or any other material, and it adds a touch of elegance to any window treatment. By combining a cornice box with curtains, you can create a unique and personalized look for your space.

Layered Valances

Valances are decorative fabric treatments that are used to cover the upper part of a window. They can be used alone or in combination with curtains. Layering valances can add depth and texture to your window treatment. For instance, you could layer a simple valance with a more elaborate one to create a layered effect.

Tension Rod Curtains

Tension rod curtains are an affordable and easy way to add privacy and style to your space. They do not require any hardware, and they can be easily removed and replaced. Tension rods come in different sizes and styles, so you can choose the one that best fits your window.

Curtain Room

Dividers Curtain room dividers are an excellent way to create separate areas in an open-plan space. They can be used to divide a bedroom, living room, or any other space without the need for walls or permanent fixtures. Curtain room dividers can be made of any fabric, and they can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on tracks.

Final Words

By incorporating one or more of these creative and unique ideas, you can add personality and style to your space while also enjoying the privacy and light control that curtains provide.

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Online therapist- tips for finding a good fit

People seeking mental health support no longer have to confine themselves to traditional therapy sessions as technology advances. People receive treatment from home through online therapy, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.  However, finding a good fit with an online therapist can be challenging. Unlike walking into a physical clinic where you can meet your counselor face-to-face, online therapy requires a bit more research and consideration before making your decision.  Finding a good fit with an online therapist begins with determining your requirements. Would you like any assistance? In your sessions, will you be focusing on any particular areas? Just like traditional therapy sessions, ensure that the virtual counselor you choose is licensed and qualified to provide mental health services. Reputable online therapy platforms require their providers to hold valid licenses in their respective states or countries. Make sure that you verify the credentials of any potential therapists by checking their licensing information on state/provincial boards or professional organizations’ websites.

Read reviews

Searching for an online counselor is that many platforms allow clients to leave reviews about their experiences working with different therapists. Reviewing these websites can give your insight into how each provider handles clients and whether they are right for your requirements. You can also check out other third-party review sites like Yelp or Google to see what others are saying about the therapist you’re considering. Video conferencing, phone calls, or instant messaging are available for online therapy sessions. Some people might find it easier to communicate through writing rather than speaking or vice versa.

Before choosing an online therapist, consider your communication preferences and make sure that the provider offers a platform that suits your needs. licensed therapists online in particular areas of mental health such as trauma, addiction, or grief counseling. For specific needs regarding your mental health, look for a virtual counselor experience working with those issues. Before committing to an online counselor, check their availability and ensure that they offer sessions during times convenient for you. Some clinics may offer 24/7 support while others only operate during regular business hours. Make sure to choose a provider whose schedule aligns with yours.

Insurance coverage

If you have insurance coverage for mental health services, check if the online therapy platform is included in your plan. Many insurance providers cover teletherapy sessions as long as they are provided by licensed professionals and meet specific guidelines. Checking with your insurance company before booking an appointment can help ensure you’re not paying out of pocket unnecessarily. Most online therapy platforms allow clients to schedule consultations with potential providers before committing to regular sessions. A consultation allows you to ask questions about the therapist’s approach and determine if it would suit your needs. Take advantage of these consultations whenever possible before making any commitments. When it comes to online therapy, privacy, and security are critical concerns. Ensure that any platform you use for virtual counseling has robust security measures in place to protect your personal information and keep your sessions confidential.

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The Experts Weigh In on Share Market Performance Today

Share Market Today performance is a topic of great interest to both investors and experts in the financial industry. The insights and opinions of these experts can provide valuable perspectives on the factors driving share market movements and help investors make informed decisions. Here is what some experts have to say about share market performance today.

John Smith, Chief Economist at XYZ Investment Firm:

Share Market Today performance reflects a continuation of the positive momentum we have seen in recent weeks. The strong earnings reports from major tech companies and robust economic indicators have contributed to the market’s upward trajectory. However, investors should remain cautious as there are still uncertainties surrounding global trade tensions and the potential impact of inflation on corporate profits. It is important to diversify portfolios and focus on companies with solid fundamentals and sustainable growth prospects.

Jane Davis, Portfolio Manager at ABC Asset Management:

We are witnessing a rotation in market leadership in Share Market Today. Previously favored sectors such as technology and growth stocks are experiencing some profit-taking, while value stocks, particularly in the industrial and financial sectors, are showing strength. This shift can be attributed to investors reassessing their risk appetite and seeking out opportunities in undervalued sectors. It is crucial for investors to carefully analyze company fundamentals and identify stocks with strong cash flows and attractive valuations.

Sarah Thompson, Market Analyst at DEF Research Firm:

The share market performance today is largely influenced by geopolitical developments. The ongoing trade negotiations between major economies and geopolitical tensions in certain regions have introduced a level of uncertainty. This has resulted in some volatility in the market. Investors should closely monitor global events and their potential impact on specific industries and companies. It is advisable to adopt a long-term perspective and focus on companies with resilient business models and the ability to navigate challenging environments. Check here for brokerage charges

Mark Johnson, Chief Technical Analyst at GHI Securities:

From a technical analysis standpoint, Share Market Today performance is notable. We are observing key support and resistance levels being tested across major indices. The market’s ability to break through these levels will provide important signals about its future direction. It is important for investors to closely monitor these technical patterns and consider risk management strategies such as stop-loss orders. Additionally, diversifying across different asset classes and utilizing hedging techniques can help mitigate potential downside risks.”

Lisa Roberts, Chief Investment Officer at JKL Wealth Management:

Today’s share market performance underscores the importance of a disciplined and diversified investment approach. Market volatility is expected, and short-term fluctuations should not drive investment decisions. Investors should focus on their long-term goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. A well-diversified portfolio across various sectors, asset classes, and geographical regions can help mitigate risks and capture potential opportunities. Regularly reviewing and rebalancing portfolios can ensure alignment with changing market dynamics with the help of brokerage charges. 

These expert opinions emphasize the need for careful analysis, diversification, and a long-term perspective when navigating the share market. They highlight the importance of considering factors such as company fundamentals, economic indicators, geopolitical events, and technical patterns. Ultimately, investors should conduct their own research, consult with financial professionals, and make investment decisions that align with their individual goals and risk tolerance.

It’s worth noting that market experts’ opinions may vary, and market conditions can change rapidly. Therefore, investors should stay informed, evaluate multiple perspectives, and adapt their strategies as needed with brokerage charges.


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New Year’s Corporate Party on a Boat in Tenerife: A Grand Celebration

As the New Year approaches, organizations start considering the venue for their corporate parties. In Tenerife, there is a wide variety of places where you can organize such an event. Restaurant celebrations offer comfort and fun, but they don’t surprise anyone. If you want to impress your employees and colleagues, you should opt for non-standard, interesting celebration options. A boat is an excellent choice for this purpose. Modern yachts are reliable, comfortable, and perfect for organizing an original and unforgettable corporate party. You can book a New Year’s corporate party on a boat with Rent Boat Tenerife, relying on a full range of services. This celebration option will leave no one indifferent and will evoke a lot of positive emotions.

How to Rent a Boat in Winter?

Boat trips are possible even in winter. Navigation in Tenerife does not cease with the onset of winter. To book a yacht for a celebration, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Contact a charter company and leave a request for a rental, indicating the number of people and the date of the celebration.
  2. A specialist will help you choose the most suitable boat option.
  3. Book the yacht. A prepayment is required. It is recommended to book your New Year’s corporate party in advance. The demand for boat trips increases during the winter holidays.
  4. Determine the range of services and entertainment for the party. You can organize a banquet or buffet, invite artists, musicians, or order fireworks. Professionals are ready to accommodate any request.
  5. Decorate the decks and halls. You can choose the decor and table setting features yourself.
  6. The remaining part of the rental fee is paid 2-3 days before the trip.
  7. Arrive at the pier 20-30 minutes before the boat’s departure.

Why are Boats Popular in Winter?

A New Year’s corporate party on a boat is a bright and unconventional approach to celebration. Your employees and colleagues will be delighted with such an original approach to event organization. Such an event will help unite the team and spend time in a fun and energetic way. You can create a celebration on board in any format. There are many ideas and scenarios for the event.

Ocean landscapes are mesmerizing. You will have the opportunity to explore familiar attractions from a different angle. In the evening, Tenerife is filled with festive illuminations. Millions of lights reflect on the ocean surface, creating a special cozy and festive atmosphere.

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Yacht Charter in Barcelona – Relevant and Profitable Offers This Year

Yacht Charter in Barcelona

In Barcelona, yacht cruises are becoming increasingly popular as a leisure activity. People choose this way of spending their free time for various reasons. Vacationers have the opportunity to enjoy the sights from the water, the fresh breeze, and the sunshine. If desired, an unforgettable journey can be made not only along the coast but also to the nearest islands. A boat trip can be taken for different purposes. It could be a simple, exciting sea cruise to familiarize yourself with local beauty. Even the most frequent visitor to Barcelona will undoubtedly discover something new during such a journey. On board a comfortable yacht, any event can be organized, whether it’s a celebration or a formal business event. Boats are often rented for organizing romantic dates. Regardless of the chosen purpose of the trip, the time spent on a yacht will bring many positive emotions. Yacht charter in Barcelona on the page can be done at any convenient time. Contact the specialists at Barcelona Boat Rental and choose the best solution for yourself.

Unforgettable Vacation on the Sea in Barcelona

Yachts in Barcelona come in a wide variety of choices. You can choose a sailing or motor yacht. All models undergo regular maintenance and meet all safety requirements. For an extended vacation on the water, a comfortable boat equipped with cabins and a galley is suitable. The cost of a yacht charter is influenced by several factors. The price depends on the comfort class of the model, the duration of the voyage, the size of the model, and the range of additional services that you can order.

Advantages of Boat Trips in Barcelona

Viewing the sights from a boat offers many benefits. You can see many famous places, avoiding the common problem of traffic jams in Barcelona. During the exciting cruise, you can explore a large number of attractions. During the trip, you will see many green alleys, slopes, magnificent landscapes, experiencing true aesthetic pleasure. A yacht vacation is a winning solution for spending time together with friends, family, colleagues, and business partners.

If you have a weekend ahead and don’t know how to spend it, confidently choose an exciting sea voyage in Barcelona. The company “Barcelona Boat Rental” offers yacht charter services at an affordable cost. You can use the services either by visiting in person or by ordering on the website.

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