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Which post is better in the RRB Group D and what about career growth?

RRB Group D or Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) recruits candidates for various posts in Group D every year. RRB Group D consists of 28 profile Group D job vacancies in Railways in various sectors.

SSC RRB Group-D is a service under the Central Government under the Ministry of Railways. Apart from salary, all other benefits and allowances are provided to Group D employees such as traveling allowance, free rail services, etc.

The dream of getting a government job in Indian Railways is the dream of every youth and it is also thought in the mind of the candidate that which job should go for them in RRB Group D and they live in the illusion that the right recruitment in RRB Group D How to choose which post for. So in this article, we have given brief details about which can be the better post for RRB Group D.

Career Growth: RRB Group D Posts

According to RRB Group D career growth, you can make a very good career in Railways. In Railways, you can get promoted to various posts of Group C by giving departmental examinations. If someone has worked in the Railways for more than three years, then he can consider his promotion. And the eligibility criteria for promotion may also change.

Posts under RRB Group-D

Before applying to these profiles, you need to have brief information about them, what kind of work they do in these posts, and whether your educational qualification is complete or not, as well as check the eligibility criteria.

RRB Group D Posts Career Growth:

S.No Name of the post Department Promotion
1 Assistant (Workshop) Mechanical Superintendent
2 Assistant Bridge Engineering Section Engineer
3 Assistant C&W

(Carriage and Wagon)

Mechanical Superintendent
4 Assistant Depot


Stores Depot Material

Superintendent Grade I

5 Assistant Loco

Shed (Diesel)

Mechanical Section Engineer
6 Assistant Loco

Shed (Electrical)

Electrical Section Engineer
7 Assistant Operations


Electrical Section Engineer
8 Assistant Pointsman Traffic Superintendent
9 Assistant Signal

& Telecom

Signal and Telecommunication

(S and T)

Section Engineer
10 Assistant Track Machine Engineering Section Engineer
11 Assistant TL & AC

(Train Lights & AC)

Electrical Section Engineer
12 Assistant TL & AC


Electrical Section Engineer
13 Assistant TRD

(Traction Distribution)

Electrical Section Engineer
14 Assistant Works Engineering Section Engineer
15 Assistant Works


Engineering Section Engineer
16 Hospital Assistant Medical Superintendent
17 Track Maintainer

Grade IV

Engineering Section Engineer

RRC Group D Salary (All Posts)

Make it clear that in the above, most of the posts have the same pay as their basic pay is the same, let’s scroll down to know more details about salary.

BASIC PAY:18,000

DA 12%: 2160

TPA: 1800


*X Class City:-4320

*Y Class City:- 2880

*Z Class City:- 1440



*X Class City:-22,320

*Y Class City:- 20,880

*Z Class City:- 19440


Net Salary of Track Maintainer

*X Class City: 25,020

*Y Class City: 23,580

*Z Class City: 22,140

Apart from this, Allowances and Perks are also provided to you in RRB group various posts.

Payscale and other facilities –

RRB Group-D Salary 18000/- Rs. will be in Level-1 of the 7th Central Pay Commission Matrix with an initial payment of Rs. In this way, after adding salary, allowances, and other emoluments, the total salary comes in the range of ₹ 22000/- to ₹ 25000/-.

Its detailed analysis is as follows –

  • Pay Scale – 5200-20200
  • Grade Pay – 1800
  • Basic Pay – 18000
  • HRA or House Rent Allowance – 3060 to 4320
  • Gross Pay – will be between 22,500 to 35,380.

The House Rent Allowance of Railway Group-D employees – city or region wise – ie for X, Y and Z category cities makes up 24, 16 and 8 percent of the basic pay respectively. On the basis of the population of cities, they are divided into X, Y and Z. Cities with a population of more than 50 lakhs are classified as X, cities with a population between 5 lakhs to 50 lakhs are categorized as Y, and cities with less than 5 lakhs are categorized as Z. Group-D employees get 17% of the basic pay as daily allowance, which can be revised up to 21%. Apart from this, Group D employees also get a travelling allowance, which depends on the location.

Posts under RRB Group-D –

In RRB Group-D, the candidates are appointed on the basis of the department. The posts covered under it are as follows –

Job-profile of the posts of RRB Group-D –

Railway Group-D is a basic job of a railway with minimum pay. In this, the employees mainly have to do the work of looking after the railway tracks, or of an assistant. This would include maintenance of tracks, rail-coach, department, store etc. In this, the duty of an employee depends on the ‘designation’ he gets. For example, if you get a job in Diesel Locomotive, your job will be the maintenance of Loco-Locomotives.

Factors affecting Promotions in RRB Group D-

Railway Group-D employees are entitled to promotion on completion of three years of regular service on the basis of performance in the written examination. For this, a weightage of 85 is given for the written test and 15 for the service record. However, the above condition of a minimum of three years of service for promotion is not applicable to the members of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Written Examination for Promotion – In order to test the practical knowledge of the applicant for promotion from Railway Group-D to Group-C, the question paper is divided into two parts A and B. In this, Part A examines the English language, and Part B examines the general consciousness of arithmetic and mainly railways. The main objective of the written test is to check the intelligence and general level of proficiency of the candidates.

The question papers of RRB Group available at BYJU’s Exam Prep can be practiced in both Hindi/English languages. There is no oral i.e. ‘viva’ in the RRB Group-D exam.

For promotion from Group-D to Group-C posts in the ministerial cadre, typing speed should be 30 words per minute in English and 25 words per minute in Hindi. However, promotion may be allowed on provisional-based training. Also, employees who fail in the first attempt may be given a second chance to prove their worth.


It is clear from the above description that a good pay scale in an RRB Group-D job, apart from many perks and travel facilities, one gets everything that one is looking for in a better career.

It is worth noting that the applicant’s initial qualification requirements to make a career in SSC RRB Group-D are also not very high level, and if you have passed the high school level exam then you can join it.

It is an important service under the central government. in which to develop These important opportunities and related facilities are available, as well as a better income. Under this

With the initial payment, the 7th Central Pay Commission will be in Level-1 of the matrix, along with travelling allowance and house rent allowance based on the classification of cities, as well as other facilities and allowances will also be payable. Obviously, SSC RRB Group-D presents a better option in front of us as a career.

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Sentiment Analysis: How to Use NetBase Quid To Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Sentiment Analysis or opinion mining can be performed on any type of text (email, reviews, blog posts, documents, etc) or be utilized on an account-level basis. Positive sentiment can be defined as “positive feeling, good feeling, enthusiasm, interest, contentedness, pleasure, appreciation, goodwill, support and good wishes”.

How to use NetBase quid

Using NetBase quid is very simple. After the software download, the next step is to enter some keywords and some sentence fragments. For example, you could enter “I love espresso” as an input keyword and the sentence fragment “mucho más” as a sentence fragment. NetBase quid then analyzes this data and picks out the most positive words and phrases.

To see all the sentences that NetBase quid has extracted, simply click on “You’re welcome” and “I’m a music professional”. You can then go back to the report to analyze each individual phrase and word. Just click on the highlighted word to analyze the data.

How to interpret the data

Sentiment analysis can be used to figure out the emotional value of a piece of writing. For example, if you want to determine whether people like a piece of content, you would look at the sentiment of the piece. One way of analyzing this information is by breaking it down into positive, negative, or neutral messages. Positive messages are generally more positive, and negative messages are generally negative. Neutral messages are generally neutral, or have no overall emotional impact on the reader.

Search marketing

NetBase Quid is a collaborative online platform for opinion mining in social media. By using Quid’s technology, it is possible to build opinion mining and customer sentiment tracking.

Is NetBase Quid a good choice for sentiment analysis?

On the surface, NetBase Quid seems like a great tool for opinion mining. It is capable of recording in a single data table all the sentiment data on a page, and that data can be exported in CSV format, which makes it a useful tool for parsing the words in a database. The manual scoring is a little clunky (A) and simple to abuse (B). Overall, NetBase Quid is a strong choice for opinion mining.

Analyzing competitors provides marketers with an invaluable tool in mapping competitors’ networks and their channels of distribution. Once a competitive gap has been identified, marketers can then benchmark their network against their competitor’s, determining whether a targeted marketing campaign is the best course of action.

Why sentiment analysis?

Opinion mining offers the advantage of assessing whether data is negative, neutral or positive. Because this analysis is focused on sentiment, a opinion mining system does not need to determine the quality or importance of the content it is analyzing. Since a opinion mining system is able to determine a sentiment score for a particular piece of text, a business can determine if content is positive, negative, neutral or somewhere in between.

How does opinion mining work?

The NLP techniques used to perform opinion mining depend on the particular language feature (NLP: natural language processing) employed and its domain knowledge. The NLP technique can be applied to text generated from text messages, social media posts, websites, and emails. By utilizing big data platforms, sentiment analysis can be further extended to online articles, news articles and blog posts. Companies can enhance their marketing through the following:

  • Monitoring customer feedback
  • Identifying areas of their products or services that require improvement
  • Conducting analysis of customer conversations about your product, brand or service
  • Conducting customer-specific analysis to identify needs that your product or service can address
  • Measuring audience sentiment in conversations

Opinion mining can be used to quantify overall and sub-grouped opinion mining to track a variety of customer conversations and sentiment. Most of the components of NLP have already been invented, but not applied in mass in the marketing sector.

How to use NetBase Quid sentiment analysis?

Quid aggregates feedback, and extracts the individual sentiment score for each customer. You can check your sentiment levels by simply tagging your content with the desired tag, or you can create specialized fields to trigger opinion mining. You can then use this to develop campaigns that analyze customer feedback for sentiment and boost customer retention and growth.

All you have to do is upload your customer feedback, product review, or advertising response, and Quid will transform it into customer sentiment scores. You can then choose to respond to your customers’ questions, or whether you want to advertise specifically to your most loyal and engaged customers.

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A Smart Selection of Engagement Rings: What You Need?

What are the criteria for choosing an engagement ring? The engagement ring, like the event it represents, is a symbol of commitment. This jewel allows to formalize his love and to announce a marriage in the future. It is customary for future engaged couples to offer the traditional solitaire, but it is quite possible to offer other models of rings if you feel like it. This is where the Alexander Sparks jewelry items are there.

Define the Type of Jewel

Not to mention the solitaire, which we will talk about a little bit below, and because there are different kinds of them, it will be essential to define the general style of the engagement ring. For this, it will be necessary to be attentive to the dress style of your beloved and to the colors that she likes to wear. It will also be necessary to take into account if it is rather extravagant or discreet in nature, if it is more traditional in style or if it likes modernity and originality. And finally, observe what style of jewelry she already wears: if they are rather discreet or showy jewelry, and what is the metal in which they were made.

Choose the Type of Ring

Once you have decided on the style of jewelry that would suit your future bride, it will be necessary to choose the type of ring:

The solitary:

It is the most famous jewel and the most offered for this event. There are several styles. Thus, you will find the traditional solitaire, with its stone adorning the ring. You will also have the choice with a solitaire surrounded by stones or the one arranged on a ring made of stones. Finally, you will find the shouldered solitaire: the latter has stones on each side.

The Trilogy:

This type of ring is also highly coveted for engagement. These are three stones next to each other representing the past, present and future. A ring with a strong symbolism is perfect for the occasion.

The ring:

Even if it is rather reserved for the wedding, it is also suitable for the occasion. Designed simply or adorned with stones, it will have the advantage of being able to be worn above or below the wedding ring without problem.

Choose the Metal of the Ring

The metal of the ring is a very important choice for this jewel to delight your future bride. White gold is the best-selling metal for this type of occasion, but there are also other very popular metals:

White gold: It is easy to wear and goes with any other jewelry or clothing. It can also be married with any kind of gemstone. It is a very resistant material.

Rose gold: Rose gold is very fashionable. It is a color that is ideal for women with fair skin or light eyes. This is a solid material that will not lose the vigor of its color.

Platinum: This metal looks like white gold so it is very easy to wear too and also goes well with everything. Unlike white gold, it retains its color over time, but is more expensive to purchase.

Yellow gold: It is less successful than before. This color looks great on dark or tanned skin. Choose if your loved one already has yellow gold jewelry.

Money: We do not recommend it for an engagement ring. Of course, it is still the cheapest metal, but will be much less resistant than gold or platinum. Silver is more easily mistaken. It also scratches more and above all tends to darken over time. If your future bride has silver jewelry, a white gold or platinum ring will go perfectly with it.

A Quick History of Diamond Engagement Rings | Cuttings the Jewellers

Once you have selected the metal for your engagement ring, we recommend that you focus on the quality of the latter. The highest quality corresponds to 750 thousandths or 18 carats. Avoid 9 or 14 carat jewelry which will hardly hold over time. The quality of the gold and the platinum will be recognizable thanks to a hallmark located inside the ring.

Which Stone to Choose For an Engagement Ring?

You have finally made up your mind, and you opt for a solitaire or an engagement ring adorned with precious stones. The next question arises: which stone will you choose?

The type of stone

The diamond: The star of stones. Easy to wear, goes with everything, this stone is very resistant and the most representative of elegance. In case of hesitation, betting on the diamond will allow you not to go wrong. The diamond represents commitment and eternal love.

Sapphire: Blue in color, it represents fidelity and the strengthening of unions. He calls for wisdom and serenity.

The emerald:  It is green in color and symbolic of fertility, hope and confidence.

The ruby: With its red color, the ruby ​​symbolizes love and passion.

You will still find many other colors among the stones, but these remain the best known and sold.

The Shape of the Stone

If the most common shape remains round, which is the one that highlights the stone the most, there are many others. The oval shape gives the impression of a larger stone while the drop highlights a very feminine and more original side. The square will be a more modern shape and you will still find stones in the shape of a heart, rhombus, rectangle, etc. To be sure you don’t go wrong, bet on the round shape.

How to Choose the Size of the Engagement Ring?

The easiest way not to be mistaken about the size of your fiancée’s ring is to discreetly take one of her rings, but it is not easy. It will therefore be a little by feeling that you can choose the size of the famous ring. We recommend that you make your purchase in a jewelry store that will be able to overcome a possible size problem: reset to the right size, exchange, etc.

What Is The Price Of An Engagement Ring?

Finally, and this is one of the very important criteria that constitutes the purchase of an engagement ring, let’s talk about the price. The price of a ring will vary according to all these criteria: choice of metal, stone, quality of metal, number of stones. It is therefore impossible to give you an idea of ​​the price, but “when you love, we don’t count ”, right?

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The Ridiculous Things Men are Saying on Hinge’s New Voice Feature

A Vancouver woman has shared some of the voice messages she’s received through Hinge’s new feature which allows daters to record short responses to questions or prompts.

@melissamerk claimed she was thinking of deleting Hinge when the new feature was added and she was just too curious to stop.

One man responded to the category of prompts asking for an “overshare” by stating that he “was feeling super stressed so went to the doctor and she gave me some pills for anxiety and I ended up adopting six rats.”

Another went on a rant about how people always say his name incorrectly while a third spoke about how good he was at driving with his knees!

The feature is set to be expanded and to allow users to actually converse with one another on the app.

This is going to add a whole new level of ridiculousness!

Hinge are hoping that the feature will add a level of authenticity to the app and to allow users to show off their personalities more.

Is this true though? Will listening to people talk allow for a more in-depth understanding of them?

After all, a picture is only worth a thousand words! The fact is that humans respond visually in the first instance and then aurally second- so maybe once users find someone they’re attracted to, the voice feature will allow them to weed out the bad seeds. It’s no use looking like a dream if you sound like Mr Bean!

Additional features like this one are definitely going to improve the experience and as more features are added such as in-app metaverse games and meetups, online dating is going to change for the better.

Weeding out the fakes and the scammers should be simpler too – it’s easy to hide behind words on a screen but if potential dates want to hear your voice and maybe in the future, see you in real-time, then that should make things more difficult for those individuals who seek to take advantage of people.

Honesty is always the best policy – especially in the world of dating! Nobody told Sean Rad that though.

The one-time CEO of Tinder should definitely be someone that people can look to for a sense of trustworthiness and reliability but his actions have done little to foster that!

He was after all caught recording Tinder employee’s conversations in a bid to prove his theory that he was duped out of a tonne of money by Tinder who he says undervalued the company’s worth when he got his payout.

The ongoing court case has been a hotbed of accusations against Rad with allegations of witness pay-offs and now physical altercations during courtroom break with Rad accusing Match’s chairman Gregg Blatt of physical intimidation!

It’s a never-ending battle between Rad and Tinder it would seem!

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Recycle a Mattress with These Eco-Friendly Tips

If your mattress had reached the end of its service life, you might be wondering how to dispose it off, or at maximum, what is to be done with it. Well, you can try your best to not cause any harm to the environment with the help of the following tips. Yes, you can safely recycle your mattress now.

Arrange your mattress pick-up

When you are thinking about recycling your mattress, the first step is to arrange for a pick-up service for your mattress. Obviously, you want it to be safely disposed of. So when you are buying a new mattress, the store will take your old one. There are also companies who will be really excited to take your old mattress. When they take it, they make sure to recycle the most of it by utilizing it in every possible way. They take out spring coils, metal frameworks, foam, and textiles too.

Call the waste disposal authority

If your new mattress company does not want to take your old one, do not worry! There are multiple other places where you can approach easily. You can dial up your local waste disposal authority and arrange for free pick-up services. They might also not charge you anything and pick it up for free. Special cases might demand a small fee but that is much more affordable than cramming up your mattress in the landfill.

Check your area to find mattress recycling centers

You can also try searching for local recycling centers. But if you cannot find anything, you can contact a place that specializes in shredding your mattress into parts and reuse them. This service is mostly free and you can always rely on the internet to locate these organizations.

Donate to local charities

If your old mattress still has its workable life left, you should consider donating it to the local charitable organizations. There are also many groups who would want to take it from you and give it to the needy. Sometimes they might pick it up for free and other times, you might need to deliver it to them. Always check the mattress thoroughly before donating, because you do not want to make somebody else suffer physically.

Contact the Recyc-Matelas mattress recycling organization that is just a call away from you. They are professionals in their field and know their job best.

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