What people do with blank keychains, and why they’re so popular, in a nutshell.

You may not put much thought into a keychain, but for others, it has special meaning as a memory from a remote location or a present on a special occasion.

About this product

Every order from wholesale vendor of acrylic keychain blanks ships with 30 blanks, 30 tassels, 30 clips, 30 rings, and 30 jump rings. Excellent for use in vinyl projects, homemade ornaments, and keychains.

Top-Rated Acrylic Blank keychains

The acrylic we use to make our keychain blanks is of the highest quality, so they are transparent, lightweight, and resistant to weather and scratches. The dimensions of these blank keychains for vinyl are precise, and the edges have been polished for your convenience no worries regarding a possible vulnerability that will arise when using them.

Reliable Key Ring Fasteners

These silver keychain hooks have a snap closure to keep your valuables safe; Keychain clips are durable and constructed of alloy metal, yet they are so simple to open and shut that they will last a lifetime.

Covering that shields from harm

When ready to use the acrylic keychain blanks, peel away the protective film from both sides of the discs. With this coating, the acrylic blank is safe from dirt and scratches.

Functional and Easy to Operate

Blank Keychains, zipper pulls, backpack bag tags, ornaments, gift tags, pendant decorations, souvenirs, and a plethora of other handmade items can be created using the acrylic circle keychain blanks, which can be personalized in a variety of ways by wholesale vendor (drawing, carving, or the pasting on a favorite sticker, for example).

The Basics of Blank Keychain Collecting

It’s entertaining to amass a variety of key chains, and your collection may serve as a topic of discussion thanks to the personal significance of each item.

For anyone interested in beginning their collections, here are some considerations:

  • The first step is choosing a subject for your collection of keychains. You may amass a collection of whatever keychains grab your eye, or you could focus on a particular topic, like the nations of the globe or the animals you particularly like, such as dogs, cats, or horses.
  • You may already have a few keychains around the home to utilize as a beginning point for your collection.


Where to store them third – Pick up a stylish container or display that will keep your items safe and allow you to admire them anytime you want. Those key rings that cannot be readily changed should be kept out of the reach of youngsters and pets to ensure their continued excellent condition. You may also attach your collection to a carabiner or many carabiners and hang them from any convenient location. Set a price limit for yourself if you want to sell your collection in the future; doing so will give you a good sense of how much you can expect to ear.