Planning to Sell Your Estate Jewellery: Here are four crucial points to consider

Have you inherited a diamond or gold jewellery from your parents? Sometimes these pieces are not jewellery you want to have around the house gathering dust in case it gets stolen and would rather sell them for fast cash as you do not plan to wear them. But, where do you start, and where can you find the best place to sell your gold jewellery. Well, consider these four crucial points before going to see a pawnbroker

Are you ready to sell? 

Okay, you must agree that selling gold jewellery might not be easy as it has some sentimental value attached to it. So, before deciding to sell your valuable possession, take some time to think if you really want to sell it or not. You might still have some emotional attachment to your mothers’ jewellery and need time to separate your love. The problem is that once you sell your mothers jewellery, you cannot get it back. This is the most crucial step before finding a pawn shop that can help you free up some cash.

  • Get your estate jewellery evaluated 

The important thing is to know the value of your jewellery before selling it to a pawn shop. Getting your gold jewellery evaluated might help you get a higher price. However, most pawnbrokers only buy gold jewellery for its gold content inside the jewellery. You may find that the value for the metals used in the design aren’t worth anything other than the weight of the gold, as the pawnbroker will simply sort it into carats and weigh it. Thus, knowing the worth of the gold gives you the power to bargain with them. 

  • What is the average value of gold jewellery?

Before you sell your gold jewellery to pawnbrokers, it helps to determine the price per gram the pawnbroker is paying. Weighing your jewellery before seeing the pawnbroker can help achieve a realistic price and avoid disappointment or receiving less than your jewellery is worth.

  • Find the Best Pawnbroker to Sell Your Gold Jewellery

If you have worked out what carat gold you have and what it weighs. The next step is to find the best place to sell your gold jewellery. You can search Google for a pawnbroker near me. Do some thorough research of the search results, check reviews online and verify that the pawnshop has accreditation and a license.

  • The Negotiation 

Great, now that you know the value of your estate jewellery it is time to negotiate with the pawnbrokers you selected. The likeliness is that the pawnshop clerk will present you a price for your gold jewellery and tell you that it is the best price they can offer. The truth is that often you can get more than the offered price. This is where the importance of knowing the value comes in. You will not get the total value of the jewellery, but with some persistence, you can get a bit more than offered. 

Final Thoughts 

Knowing the worth of the gold watch, diamond ring, gold bullion, or any other form of jewellery will provide you with a reasonable amount of fast cash visiting a pawnshop in Melbourne. An honest pawnbroker will happily quote gold jewellery before buying it from you. Still, it is best to get a few quotes to choose the highest bidder.  


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