Recommendation Places to Go in Singapore

Singapore is indeed a country that is often used as a tourist destination from abroad. Singapore is still the preferred holiday destination for Indonesian tourists.

Because this small country does have a variety of interesting tourist attractions. Attractions such as Universal Studios are one of the must-visit tourist attractions when on vacation to Singapore. Enjoying the atmosphere and beauty of Singapore, you can take a different vacation. What are you doing?

Chinatown is a cultural tourist attraction that is crowded with tourists. There are many areas and places that you can enjoy, but it’s not enough for a day. You can stay at the Porcelain Hotel to more freely explore the Chinatown area.

Chinatown is a Muslim-friendly destination that is thick with culture between China and Islam. In this area, many restaurants offer friendly menus for Muslim residents or tourists, shops, and offices.

In this area, you will not feel bored, because many aesthetic hotels offer different and unique interior experiences. For those of you who are Muslim, you don’t need to worry when exploring this area, because here there is a mosque called the Jamie Mosque, the interior and exterior of this mosque is unique because it combines elements of Indo-Islamic South India, European-style classics and Chinese-style tiles.

In this Chinatown area, there is also a historic house that tells the culture of Singapore. The architecture and interior of this historic house which has the name NUS Baba House still reflect the traditional culture and now everything is intact and in very good condition.

Besides enjoying the beauty and eating culinary arts in the Chinatown area. Here there is a place called Chinatown heritage center where you can learn about the history of Chinatown. The museum, which is located in a shopping area, was created to show the original Chinatown shop in the 1950s.

In the Chinatown Heritage Center, you can learn about the history of immigrants from China to Singapore with audio tour facilities and interactive exhibits at this museum.

This Chinatown area is located in the central area of ​​Singapore, precisely in the Outram District. The easiest way to reach this area is to take the MRT and get off at Chinatown MRT Station. There are two MRT lines that go to Chinatown Station: The North-East Line and the Downtown Line. 


Singapore is a country that has become a tourist destination, especially in Asia, especially for tourists who have holiday intentions for shopping. The orchard area can be a destination for those of you who have a hobby of shopping, photo hunting, and walking leisurely.

Because the Orchard area is a shopping center that has a building design, see a row of shops under the shade of a line of trees so that this area will be cool.

When night falls, this street will be filled with rows of lights and various attractions will be displayed. Thus, adding to the unique impression of the excitement of the shopping area.

Orchard Road comes with almost 30 modern shopping centers from various local and international brand outlets. For those of you who will pray, you can visit the Al-Falah Orchard Mosque or visit the prayer room at Wisma Atria Shopping Center 7th Floor, Takashimaya Shopping Center Basement 1, and Lucky Plaza 8th Floor. become a place of worship.

Not only shopping at Orchard Road, but you can also staycation at hotels, culinary tours, and play with friends and family at Orchard Road. Orchard Road is also famous for being Muslim-friendly, because there is the Al-Falah Mosque, which can be a place for praying.

This mosque could accommodate 2,000 people in one congregational prayer before the pandemic. Strategically located, within walking distance of hotels and shopping centers on Orchard Road.

In the Orchard area, many hotels have unique interiors and exteriors that will give a unique impression when you stay at this hotel. One of them, Shangri La Singapore. You can book your room in Shangri La Singapore through Traveloka now.