What should You do if You are Arrested? – Taking the Right Steps

Getting arrested is terrifying for anyone because it will leave them with severe consequences as well as life-changing experiences. Whatever the case of charges may be, you will have to contact an attorney right after your arrest.  He not only protects your legal rights but also ensures that you don’t panic and give any statement under pressure. A criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN can build a strong defense and try to get you out of the tough situation. Below mentioned are a few steps, which you should take after you are arrested:

Stay calm and collect your thoughts

It might be quite challenging for you to stay calm if the police have arrested you.  You might be scared and stressed until you are released from jail. However, you must be in a good frame of mind if you want to deal with such a situation.  You should take some deep breaths and make sure that you don’t make any statement without giving it a thought. 

Request to contact an attorney

It is strongly recommended to ask for an attorney who can work closely with you. After being arrested, you have constitutional rights to request an attorney. This way, you will be able to get immediate legal assistance without which, you may not be able to prove your point in front of the police.  Even if you have not committed the crime, you should not say anything unless your attorney is there. 

Remain silent if you don’t want to speak out

It is absolutely fine if you don’t want to make any statement. It is your constitutional right to remain silent in police custody. You may not want to discuss anything about the case with your cellmates, family and friends. You must take extra precautions when making a call from the jail because it can be recorded and used against you.

Cooperate with police officials

You might feel anxious and angry when in police custody. However, you must cooperate with the officials so that they can perform their duties well. If you don’t do so, you will be hurting your case. To get the best outcomes, you must be patient and polite with everyone.  In many cases, the police don’t get harsh on such people and try to help them the best way.

Hiring an attorney right after the arrest can save you from a lot of hassles and conflicts.