A Smart Selection of Engagement Rings: What You Need?

What are the criteria for choosing an engagement ring? The engagement ring, like the event it represents, is a symbol of commitment. This jewel allows to formalize his love and to announce a marriage in the future. It is customary for future engaged couples to offer the traditional solitaire, but it is quite possible to offer other models of rings if you feel like it. This is where the Alexander Sparks jewelry items are there.

Define the Type of Jewel

Not to mention the solitaire, which we will talk about a little bit below, and because there are different kinds of them, it will be essential to define the general style of the engagement ring. For this, it will be necessary to be attentive to the dress style of your beloved and to the colors that she likes to wear. It will also be necessary to take into account if it is rather extravagant or discreet in nature, if it is more traditional in style or if it likes modernity and originality. And finally, observe what style of jewelry she already wears: if they are rather discreet or showy jewelry, and what is the metal in which they were made.

Choose the Type of Ring

Once you have decided on the style of jewelry that would suit your future bride, it will be necessary to choose the type of ring:

The solitary:

It is the most famous jewel and the most offered for this event. There are several styles. Thus, you will find the traditional solitaire, with its stone adorning the ring. You will also have the choice with a solitaire surrounded by stones or the one arranged on a ring made of stones. Finally, you will find the shouldered solitaire: the latter has stones on each side.

The Trilogy:

This type of ring is also highly coveted for engagement. These are three stones next to each other representing the past, present and future. A ring with a strong symbolism is perfect for the occasion.

The ring:

Even if it is rather reserved for the wedding, it is also suitable for the occasion. Designed simply or adorned with stones, it will have the advantage of being able to be worn above or below the wedding ring without problem.

Choose the Metal of the Ring

The metal of the ring is a very important choice for this jewel to delight your future bride. White gold is the best-selling metal for this type of occasion, but there are also other very popular metals:

White gold: It is easy to wear and goes with any other jewelry or clothing. It can also be married with any kind of gemstone. It is a very resistant material.

Rose gold: Rose gold is very fashionable. It is a color that is ideal for women with fair skin or light eyes. This is a solid material that will not lose the vigor of its color.

Platinum: This metal looks like white gold so it is very easy to wear too and also goes well with everything. Unlike white gold, it retains its color over time, but is more expensive to purchase.

Yellow gold: It is less successful than before. This color looks great on dark or tanned skin. Choose if your loved one already has yellow gold jewelry.

Money: We do not recommend it for an engagement ring. Of course, it is still the cheapest metal, but will be much less resistant than gold or platinum. Silver is more easily mistaken. It also scratches more and above all tends to darken over time. If your future bride has silver jewelry, a white gold or platinum ring will go perfectly with it.

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Once you have selected the metal for your engagement ring, we recommend that you focus on the quality of the latter. The highest quality corresponds to 750 thousandths or 18 carats. Avoid 9 or 14 carat jewelry which will hardly hold over time. The quality of the gold and the platinum will be recognizable thanks to a hallmark located inside the ring.

Which Stone to Choose For an Engagement Ring?

You have finally made up your mind, and you opt for a solitaire or an engagement ring adorned with precious stones. The next question arises: which stone will you choose?

The type of stone

The diamond: The star of stones. Easy to wear, goes with everything, this stone is very resistant and the most representative of elegance. In case of hesitation, betting on the diamond will allow you not to go wrong. The diamond represents commitment and eternal love.

Sapphire: Blue in color, it represents fidelity and the strengthening of unions. He calls for wisdom and serenity.

The emerald:  It is green in color and symbolic of fertility, hope and confidence.

The ruby: With its red color, the ruby ​​symbolizes love and passion.

You will still find many other colors among the stones, but these remain the best known and sold.

The Shape of the Stone

If the most common shape remains round, which is the one that highlights the stone the most, there are many others. The oval shape gives the impression of a larger stone while the drop highlights a very feminine and more original side. The square will be a more modern shape and you will still find stones in the shape of a heart, rhombus, rectangle, etc. To be sure you don’t go wrong, bet on the round shape.

How to Choose the Size of the Engagement Ring?

The easiest way not to be mistaken about the size of your fiancée’s ring is to discreetly take one of her rings, but it is not easy. It will therefore be a little by feeling that you can choose the size of the famous ring. We recommend that you make your purchase in a jewelry store that will be able to overcome a possible size problem: reset to the right size, exchange, etc.

What Is The Price Of An Engagement Ring?

Finally, and this is one of the very important criteria that constitutes the purchase of an engagement ring, let’s talk about the price. The price of a ring will vary according to all these criteria: choice of metal, stone, quality of metal, number of stones. It is therefore impossible to give you an idea of ​​the price, but “when you love, we don’t count ”, right?


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