Sentiment Analysis: How to Use NetBase Quid To Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Sentiment Analysis or opinion mining can be performed on any type of text (email, reviews, blog posts, documents, etc) or be utilized on an account-level basis. Positive sentiment can be defined as “positive feeling, good feeling, enthusiasm, interest, contentedness, pleasure, appreciation, goodwill, support and good wishes”.

How to use NetBase quid

Using NetBase quid is very simple. After the software download, the next step is to enter some keywords and some sentence fragments. For example, you could enter “I love espresso” as an input keyword and the sentence fragment “mucho más” as a sentence fragment. NetBase quid then analyzes this data and picks out the most positive words and phrases.

To see all the sentences that NetBase quid has extracted, simply click on “You’re welcome” and “I’m a music professional”. You can then go back to the report to analyze each individual phrase and word. Just click on the highlighted word to analyze the data.

How to interpret the data

Sentiment analysis can be used to figure out the emotional value of a piece of writing. For example, if you want to determine whether people like a piece of content, you would look at the sentiment of the piece. One way of analyzing this information is by breaking it down into positive, negative, or neutral messages. Positive messages are generally more positive, and negative messages are generally negative. Neutral messages are generally neutral, or have no overall emotional impact on the reader.

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NetBase Quid is a collaborative online platform for opinion mining in social media. By using Quid’s technology, it is possible to build opinion mining and customer sentiment tracking.

Is NetBase Quid a good choice for sentiment analysis?

On the surface, NetBase Quid seems like a great tool for opinion mining. It is capable of recording in a single data table all the sentiment data on a page, and that data can be exported in CSV format, which makes it a useful tool for parsing the words in a database. The manual scoring is a little clunky (A) and simple to abuse (B). Overall, NetBase Quid is a strong choice for opinion mining.

Analyzing competitors provides marketers with an invaluable tool in mapping competitors’ networks and their channels of distribution. Once a competitive gap has been identified, marketers can then benchmark their network against their competitor’s, determining whether a targeted marketing campaign is the best course of action.

Why sentiment analysis?

Opinion mining offers the advantage of assessing whether data is negative, neutral or positive. Because this analysis is focused on sentiment, a opinion mining system does not need to determine the quality or importance of the content it is analyzing. Since a opinion mining system is able to determine a sentiment score for a particular piece of text, a business can determine if content is positive, negative, neutral or somewhere in between.

How does opinion mining work?

The NLP techniques used to perform opinion mining depend on the particular language feature (NLP: natural language processing) employed and its domain knowledge. The NLP technique can be applied to text generated from text messages, social media posts, websites, and emails. By utilizing big data platforms, sentiment analysis can be further extended to online articles, news articles and blog posts. Companies can enhance their marketing through the following:

  • Monitoring customer feedback
  • Identifying areas of their products or services that require improvement
  • Conducting analysis of customer conversations about your product, brand or service
  • Conducting customer-specific analysis to identify needs that your product or service can address
  • Measuring audience sentiment in conversations

Opinion mining can be used to quantify overall and sub-grouped opinion mining to track a variety of customer conversations and sentiment. Most of the components of NLP have already been invented, but not applied in mass in the marketing sector.

How to use NetBase Quid sentiment analysis?

Quid aggregates feedback, and extracts the individual sentiment score for each customer. You can check your sentiment levels by simply tagging your content with the desired tag, or you can create specialized fields to trigger opinion mining. You can then use this to develop campaigns that analyze customer feedback for sentiment and boost customer retention and growth.

All you have to do is upload your customer feedback, product review, or advertising response, and Quid will transform it into customer sentiment scores. You can then choose to respond to your customers’ questions, or whether you want to advertise specifically to your most loyal and engaged customers.


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