Recycle a Mattress with These Eco-Friendly Tips

If your mattress had reached the end of its service life, you might be wondering how to dispose it off, or at maximum, what is to be done with it. Well, you can try your best to not cause any harm to the environment with the help of the following tips. Yes, you can safely recycle your mattress now.

Arrange your mattress pick-up

When you are thinking about recycling your mattress, the first step is to arrange for a pick-up service for your mattress. Obviously, you want it to be safely disposed of. So when you are buying a new mattress, the store will take your old one. There are also companies who will be really excited to take your old mattress. When they take it, they make sure to recycle the most of it by utilizing it in every possible way. They take out spring coils, metal frameworks, foam, and textiles too.

Call the waste disposal authority

If your new mattress company does not want to take your old one, do not worry! There are multiple other places where you can approach easily. You can dial up your local waste disposal authority and arrange for free pick-up services. They might also not charge you anything and pick it up for free. Special cases might demand a small fee but that is much more affordable than cramming up your mattress in the landfill.

Check your area to find mattress recycling centers

You can also try searching for local recycling centers. But if you cannot find anything, you can contact a place that specializes in shredding your mattress into parts and reuse them. This service is mostly free and you can always rely on the internet to locate these organizations.

Donate to local charities

If your old mattress still has its workable life left, you should consider donating it to the local charitable organizations. There are also many groups who would want to take it from you and give it to the needy. Sometimes they might pick it up for free and other times, you might need to deliver it to them. Always check the mattress thoroughly before donating, because you do not want to make somebody else suffer physically.

Contact the Recyc-Matelas mattress recycling organization that is just a call away from you. They are professionals in their field and know their job best.


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