Because of its breathtaking beauty, Kerala is referred to as “God’s Own Country,” and Kochi is located on the South West Coast with views of the Arabian Sea. Kochi has served as a hub for international trade and tourism for centuries, and every group that has visited—from Arabs to Portuguese and British colonizers—has left their mark on the city’s history and culture. The tourist attractions in Kochi are a must-see on every trip to Kerala because they represent the state’s authentic spirit. The cultural and historical significance of Kochi offers a variety of experiences within and around the Tourist Places to Visit in Kochi. Kochi has now established itself as one of the must-see places to visit in Kerala.The tourist attractions in Kochi, which are also known as “Queen of the Arabian Sea,” will leave you breathless. You have a wide range of destinations to choose from while planning a trip thanks to the tourist spots in Kochi that show many attractions in a single city. You should choose to stay at The Crowne Plaza Kochi to enjoy a blend of both luxury and comfort. Here are some of the places to visit in Kochi and they are as follows:-

  • Cape Town Fort Kochi

The traders from the court of Chinese emperor Kubla Khan are to blame for the Chinese fishing nets, which serve as a symbol of Kochi, being found only in Fort Kochi, which may be the only place in the world where they are distinctive outside of China. There are currently 11 Chinese fishing nets scattered along the Fort Kochi shoreline, compared to about 20 a decade ago. One of the earliest churches constructed by Europeans in India is St. Francis Church. Vasco House, where Vasco Da Gama is thought to have resided, is another notable structure in the neighbourhood.Visitors can also take pleasure in strolling around Fort Kochi Beach, which may be the only beach in the state to include Chinese fishing nets and is also known for hosting the Cochin Carnival on New Year’s Eve.

  • Mattancherry

Another fascinating neighbourhood in Kochi is Mattancherry. One of the busiest tourist destinations in Kochi, Mattancherry is an unusual combination of spices, handicrafts, culture, and cuisine. The name Mattancherry derives from the Brahmin household name “AncherryMattam,” which was rendered Matt-Ancherry by Western traders. A popular tourist destination in Kochi is Mattancherry, where Portuguese influence is evident, particularly in the Dutch Palace. Along with other tourist destinations like Mattancherry Palace, Jew Town in Mattancherry is home to the oldest operating synagogue in India, which dates back to 1568.

  • Islands of Bolgatty and Vypeen

One of the oldest Dutch palaces still in existence outside of Holland is located on Bolgatty Island, which is only accessible by boat from mainland Kochi. The former Bolgatty Palace is now a hotel with a swimming pool, 9-hole golf course, ayurvedic centre, and daily Kathakali performances. It is a well-liked resort for Indian and foreign tourists.

  • Shopping Center Lulu, Edappally

India’s largest shopping mall, Lulu Shopping Mall, is located in Edappally and is owned and run by the EMKE Group. There are many marketplaces in Kochi where you may go shopping, but the Lulu Mall, with its air conditioning and more than 300 shops, restaurants, and food outlets, is a special pleasure. This contemporary complex features both international brands and regional specialties. It is also adjacent to a deluxe five-star, 20-story hotel with 300 rooms that is managed by JW Marriott Hotels.

  • Malayattoor

Don’t forget to visit the tourist destinations outside of Kochi as well. Around Ernakulam, there are a number of fascinating tourist attractions, including the Church in Malayattoor. The word “Malayattoor” is a mashup of three short words. Arr (River) Mala (Mountain) Oore (Place). This means that Malayattoor is where the mountain, river, and land come together. The Malayatoor Church, which is perched atop the 609-meter-high Malayatoor Hill, is the city’s most well-known tourist destination. St. Thomas, who is thought to have worshipped at this shrine when he visited India, is honoured in the church on top of the hill. One of the most significant Christian pilgrimage sites in India is this church.

  • Beaches at Cherai&Vypeen

Another island that is very well-liked by visitors to Kochi and Kerala is Vypeen Island. Pallipuram Fort, the first European-made fort still standing in India, was built in 1503 and is also located in Vypeen. One of Kerala’s best beaches, Cherai beach, also known as Princess of the Arabian Sea, is located just off the coast of Vypeen Island. It is shallow, calm, and perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The popular getaway’s appeal is heightened by the palm-lined backwaters, and the frequent sightings of dolphins in the water make it one of Kochi’s most picturesque destinations.

  • Marine Drive

Marine Drive, contrary to what its name might imply, is a picturesque promenade in Ernakulam that has the rainbow bridge, which has come to represent Ernakulam as one of the top spots to visit in Kochi. The Marine Drive was constructed on land that had been reclaimed from backwaters, and its original design called for a lovely road to follow the shoreline; however, because of coastline regulations, this was not possible, therefore the road was changed to a promenade with a Chinese fishing net bridge. Hourly cruises are offered by private boat operators leaving from Marine Drive and travelling through Bolgatty, Cochin Harbour, and other nearby locations.


The lovely city of Kochi, sometimes known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea,” is situated in the Indian state of Kerala. This port city is renowned for its rustic appeal. For centuries, it served as the centre of the spice trade with foreign nations including the British, Arabs, Chinese, etc. Visitors from all over the world come to Kochi for its peace and serenity, especially those who want to learn more about its fascinating colonial past and trading prowess. You will find several places to stay but you should consider choosing your stay at the Crowne Plaza, Kochito enjoy the best benefits of royalty and authenticity.  If you ever visit Kochi then you must visit the above mentioned places in this blog to make your tour worth remembering.