Laser Vs Plasma: How are they Different from Each Other?

Just like the way we age, even the skin does. Besides, some of the activities that you do daily can have a bad impact on your skin. By doing certain things you can improve your skin health.

During the process of aging, the skin loses its elasticity, due to which wrinkles start appearing on the skin. The reason for this is the production of collagen slows down.

Using the wrong skin products and exposing the skin to harmful chemicals and sunlight can cause early aging. Hence, it is important to be extremely careful. If you have wrinkles, you might lose confidence.

In fact, you will not be able to move freely in public. There are so many treatments available nowadays for wrinkles and other aging signs. But some of them might show some side effects. Before you choose any treatment, it is very important to know whether it is safe or not.

It is also essential to know whether it shows effective results on the skin or not. Many people think that the only option available to get rid of wrinkles is by using fillers. When it comes to the PRP, it increases collagen by making use of your own natural biology.

On the other hand, the laser peel helps by correcting the irregularities on your skin like acne scars. It is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles too. Which is the best of them?

According to many people, it is the plasma treatment that is more effective. It is very affordable too. Where to get this treatment done? Is it your question now?

There are so many treatment centers that offer this treatment in Hong Kong. Is there a guarantee that all of them offer the best treatment to their clients?

As only some beauty and medical centers provide the best treatment, it is important to make a decision only after doing proper research. Retens is one of the leading beauty and medical centers in Hong Kong which offers the best skin treatments to its clients. Their Plasonic Plasma treatment is known for its amazing results.

What care needs to be taken after taking the Plasma treatment?

After taking the 等離子美容 treatment, avoid exposing your skin to sunlight. If you want to step out of your home, you must cover your face with a scarf. If you observe any itching or redness at the site of the treatment, don’t worry, because it will go away within 24hrs to 48hrs.

For deep wrinkles, it is the erbium laser that is used. The CO2 laser is used for treating various skin problems. This type of laser uses the scanning pattern and removes the delicate skin layers. The recovery period would be usually 2 weeks. PRP is unique because it uses regenerative medicine, which means you may regenerate your skin using your own platelets. As platelets can rejuvenate and activate your cells, PRP is a favorite for many people.

Try the Plasma 無痕填充, and you will start loving your skin!