What Is the Ideal Frequency for Dental Visits for Adults?

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Guide for adults while going for a dentist

It is a common knowledge that we should go to a dentist for our optimum dental health, but not many of us follow this advice. It is also a fact that a majority of people go to a dentist only when they are in extreme pain. This last moment approach is very bad for dental health. Let’s discuss the frequency of going to a dentist.

According to the recommendation of the US’s dental profession, children and adults alike must drop a visit to the dentist once in six months. The reason for these visits can vary from cleaning to oral exam. There are many dental insurance companies that, in their plans, cover two check-up a year.

This frequency is acceptable as it allows the dentist to scrutinize and nip any teeth-related issue in the bud. It also helps to cut the cost as these visits do not let the teeth-related issues aggravate. Since there are some exceptions to the six-month rule, the dentist may recommend more or less frequent visits if:

1-    You are pregnant- the mothers who are expecting childbirth are at a more exposed risk of getting cavities. This is because the hormonal changes induced by pregnancy also increase the risk of cavities in moms.

2-    You are a cancer patient- the medications of cancer tend to dry out the mouth. This may beget oral health issues.

3-    You are a diabetic- diabetes often leads to issues related to oral health and gum problems.

4-    You smoke- those who consume tobacco regularly are not only at a greater risk of oral health issues, but they are also victims of slow recovery from an oral procedure because the tobacco makes it harder for the body to heal.

5-    You are a heart patient- you cannot even imagine how oral health is connected to heart issues. The bacteria in the mouth can make their way to the heart. Those who have poor oral health are at an exposed risk of cardiovascular issues in the longer run.

This risk can be abated by taking good care of oral health and getting frequent oral check-ups done.

Expectations from a dental check-up

In normal cases, the dental check-up will take an hour or so. In this duration, your dentist will analyse all the nuances of your dental health to check is there any issue or any issue in the offing. Even though there are different types of procedures, you can expect some of the common things in all of the procedures. These are:

1-    X-rays- usually, the dentist will take the x-ray at the start of the procedure so that he may examine them once he is done with examining your oral cavity.

2-    Cleaning and polishing- the benefits of oral cleaning and polishing are many. Your dentist will clean the teeth by using modern professional tools like scalers. These tools are designed to precisely remove the plaque and tartar from the surface of and under the teeth or gum.

The dentist will also use pastes and floss to polish your teeth.


Not only this, but the dentist will also tell you about the areas that need more attention and he may also educate you about proper way of brushing.