Top 10 features included in trusted volunteer management software

Managing daily reports and tracking daily activities can be time consuming for nonprofit organizations. These companies work on a large scale to promote fund raising events. Thus, it becomes essential to pick the right software for organizing things perfectly and accomplishing mission.

In this article, we will discuss the top features that most trusted apps like free volunteer management software bring along. Before selecting a volunteer scheduling software app, you must look for two things on priority;

  • Whether the below mentioned featured are included in the software
  • If these features are simplified to add convenience and comfort to the user

10 prominent features that come in volunteer management software:

  1. Ask for free trial: One of the first features to check is whether the software developer offers you a free trial. A free trial helps understand how convenient it is to use it in volunteer management program.
  2. Functions everywhere: Volunteers may travel anywhere for event promotion. Thus, they need strong internet connection to access to the app from anywhere. An app must have the ability to work in any location.
  3. Simplified volunteer scheduling: Scheduling is the main objective of using the software. Your preferred software must have features that help you copy schedules, create templates, and schedule activities like a pro.
  4. Provides customized features: A good app manages things successfully and efficiently. These have customized filters to help you find what you are looking for.
  5. Improves communication: Volunteer scheduling app must improve communication with volunteers and fund donors. Communication is critical to handle multiple volunteers. That’s exactly what you must look for in your software.
  6. Task assigning: Volunteer software must do more than scheduling. It must also be able to simplify tasks, add data, track progress, create to-do lists, set reminders, and more for volunteers.
  7. Tracking system: Good software allows the volunteers to check in their shifts, mark present and absenteeism, track their daily tasks from their mobile phones itself.
  8. Exports data: Your volunteer scheduling app must be able to export data to analyze volunteer performance.
  9. Keeps the app up-to date: Automated updates help the software to work efficiently and smoothly. These help in keeping the software intact.
  10. Volunteer retention: Well-developed software like free volunteer management software with simplified features creates a comfortable vibe for volunteers to work efficiently. Thus, the nonprofit organizations enjoy volunteer retention as they are likely to stick to the company.