Tips to Store and Maintain Classic Cars

Classic cars are always a special feeling among automobile enthusiasts. Every car guy won’t miss any chance of getting rare collectible cars in their garage. They consider it as an investment option, where purchasing old classic cars and restoring them, and selling them is a great business option in the market.

The most difficult part of having a classic car is its maintenance and storage. Only proper classic car enthusiasts will spend enough time maintaining these collectibles. Along with storing and maintenance, the other issue with these classic cars is their transportation if you move from one place to another.

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Why shipping should be careful

Classic cars are not like the new ones, they need proper care and maintenance to stay like new ones. These cars will be aged and most of the parts can have reached the maximum fatigue level, so there are chances that the parts get easily damaged. Therefore, the transportation of these classic cars must be given to professionals who understand the value of these cars.

You must search for transportation agencies that have immersive customer reviews. Also, you must ensure that their packing is up to the mark and don’t spoil your vehicle. Focus on the quality of service rather than the cost, as your cars are rare collectibles that will be very costly, so a premium quality of transportation should be provided.

How to store and maintain your classic car

·       Keep it clean

Classic cars have their dignity and you need to respect it. They are rare collectibles and need proper care and maintenance from your side. If you keep it dumb, the vehicle will lose all its pride. There are so many metal parts that will get rusty along the time.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep the vehicle clean and store it in a closed place or shed. Overexposure to sunlight or water can damage the classic car’s looks and it will fasten up the damaging process.

·       Oiling

Cleaning and caring of the mechanical parts are also necessary like cleaning the body panels. You should periodically lubricate all the moving parts with specific grades and keep them running. Fresh oil will prevent the corrosion of mechanical parts and will increase the life of each part.

·       Tire and battery

It is very much necessary to keep the battery in charge. Discharge of the battery can cause damage to electrical parts and the battery itself. Also, if you park the vehicle for a prolonged time, there are chances that the tires get flat spots which will damage the tire life. Therefore, you must ensure proper running of the battery and tires to increase the life of the vehicle.


Maintaining and keeping Classic cars is always a pride moment. By following these tips and tricks you can maintain those pride affordably.