The Perfect Abode: Essential Tips to Choose the Best Hotel for Your Stay


Choosing the right hotel is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the quality of your travel experience. Whether you’re planning a relaxing vacation or a business trip, choosing the best hotel like Mountain Shadows at Wayanad or any other place, that suits your needs and preferences can make a significant difference. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of essential tips that will guide you in choosing the perfect hotel for your stay.

  1. Determine your needs and preferences:

Before beginning your hotel search, clearly identify your requirements. Consider factors such as location, budget, amenities, and the purpose of your trip. This will help you narrow down your options and focus on hotels that best align with your preferences.

  1. Set a budget:

Establishing a budget is crucial when selecting a hotel. Determine the amount you are willing to spend per night and stick to it. Be sure to consider additional costs, such as taxes, resort fees, parking fees, and meals, to avoid any surprises.

  1. Research the location:

The hotel’s location plays a vital role in your overall experience. Evaluate its proximity to major attractions, transportation hubs, restaurants, and shopping centres. If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, ensure the hotel is situated in a quieter area.

  1. Read reviews:

Read reviews and testimonials from previous guests to gain insights into their experiences. Websites like TripAdvisor,, and Google Reviews provide valuable information about the hotel’s cleanliness, service quality, amenities, and overall customer satisfaction. Pay attention to recent reviews to ensure the information is up to date.

  1. Consider hotel amenities:

Make a list of essential amenities you require, such as free Wi-Fi, parking facilities, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, or a complimentary breakfast. Check if these amenities are included in the room rate or if there are additional charges for them.

  1. Compare prices:

Take the time to compare prices across different platforms, including the hotel’s official website, online travel agencies, and booking platforms. Often, you can find better deals and exclusive promotions by comparing prices from various sources.

  1. Check cancellation policies:

Life is unpredictable, and your plans may change. Ensure you understand the hotel’s cancellation policy before making a reservation. Find out the deadline for cancelling without penalties and if there are any additional fees associated with changes or cancellations.

  1. Consider safety and security:

Your safety is paramount. Research the hotel’s safety measures, such as 24-hour security, well-lit parking areas, surveillance cameras, and emergency procedures. Check if the hotel has any security certifications or awards that indicate their commitment to guest safety.

  1. Contact the hotel directly:

If you have specific requests or questions, it’s always a good idea to contact the hotel directly. Speaking to a representative can provide you with personalized information and help you gauge the level of customer service they offer.

  1. Seek recommendations:

Ask friends, family, or colleagues for hotel recommendations, mainly if they have visited the same destination. Personal recommendations can offer valuable insights and help you discover hidden gems or avoid disappointing experiences.

  1. Evaluate the room options:

Hotels offer a variety of room types, ranging from standard rooms to suites and speciality rooms. Consider the size of the room, the number of beds, and any additional features or upgrades available. Assess your needs and choose a room that provides the desired level of comfort and space for your stay.

  1. Accessibility considerations:

If you have specific accessibility needs or if you’re travelling with someone who requires special accommodations, ensure that the hotel can cater to those requirements. Check if they have accessible rooms, ramps, elevators, and facilities for individuals with disabilities.

  1. Look for loyalty programs or membership benefits:

Many hotels have loyalty programs or membership options that offer exclusive perks, discounts, or rewards for frequent guests. If you frequently travel to the same destination or prefer a particular hotel chain, consider joining their loyalty program to enjoy additional benefits such as room upgrades, late check-out, or complimentary amenities.

  1. Analyse the hotel’s website and photos:

Visit the hotel’s official website and thoroughly explore the information provided. Look for updated photos of the rooms, common areas, and amenities. Pay attention to details such as the cleanliness and maintenance of the property. Professional and high-quality images can give you a more accurate representation of the hotel’s appearance.

  1. Check for additional fees and hidden costs:

While comparing prices, be aware of any hidden fees or additional costs that may not be initially apparent. Some hotels charge extra for services like in-room movies, minibar items, or resort fees, which can significantly impact your final bill. Ensure you understand all the costs associated with your stay to avoid any surprises during check-out.

  1. Consider the hotel’s dining options:

If dining options are important to you, check if the hotel has on-site restaurants or room service. Look for reviews or recommendations regarding the quality and variety of their food. Alternatively, if you prefer exploring local restaurants, ensure the hotel is located in an area with a good selection of dining options.

  1. Assess the cancellation flexibility:

Life can be unpredictable, and unforeseen circumstances may force you to change or cancel your travel plans. It’s crucial to understand the hotel’s cancellation policy and flexibility. Look for hotels that offer flexible cancellation options, especially if you need more clarity about your travel dates or have a possibility of schedule changes.

  1. Research the hotel’s reputation and history:

Take some time to research the hotel’s reputation and history. Look for any notable awards or recognition they have received, as these can indicate their commitment to excellence. Additionally, if the hotel has been around for a long time and has a positive track record, it may provide more reliable and consistent service.

  1. Consider the hotel’s eco-friendliness:

If sustainability and environmental responsibility are essential to you, consider staying at a hotel that prioritizes eco-friendly practices. Look for hotels with green certifications, energy-efficient initiatives, recycling programs, and water-saving measures. Supporting environmentally conscious establishments can contribute to a more sustainable travel experience.

  1. Pay attention to customer service:

Customer service can significantly impact your overall hotel experience. Read reviews and pay attention to comments about the hotel staff’s friendliness, responsiveness, and willingness to assist guests. A hotel with a reputation for exceptional customer service can ensure that your needs are met and enhance your stay.

Remember, choosing the best hotel involves a combination of research, careful evaluation, and consideration of your specific requirements. By following these additional points along with the initial tips, you can make a well-informed decision and enjoy a memorable stay at a hotel that meets and exceeds your expectations.


Choosing the best hotel like planning to stay at the exquisite mountain shadows, requires careful consideration of your needs, preferences, and budget. By following these essential tips, you can make an informed decision and ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Remember, thorough research, reading reviews, and comparing prices will go a long way in finding the perfect hotel that meets your expectations and enhances your overall travel experience.