New Year’s Corporate Party on a Boat in Tenerife: A Grand Celebration

As the New Year approaches, organizations start considering the venue for their corporate parties. In Tenerife, there is a wide variety of places where you can organize such an event. Restaurant celebrations offer comfort and fun, but they don’t surprise anyone. If you want to impress your employees and colleagues, you should opt for non-standard, interesting celebration options. A boat is an excellent choice for this purpose. Modern yachts are reliable, comfortable, and perfect for organizing an original and unforgettable corporate party. You can book a New Year’s corporate party on a boat with Rent Boat Tenerife, relying on a full range of services. This celebration option will leave no one indifferent and will evoke a lot of positive emotions.

How to Rent a Boat in Winter?

Boat trips are possible even in winter. Navigation in Tenerife does not cease with the onset of winter. To book a yacht for a celebration, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Contact a charter company and leave a request for a rental, indicating the number of people and the date of the celebration.
  2. A specialist will help you choose the most suitable boat option.
  3. Book the yacht. A prepayment is required. It is recommended to book your New Year’s corporate party in advance. The demand for boat trips increases during the winter holidays.
  4. Determine the range of services and entertainment for the party. You can organize a banquet or buffet, invite artists, musicians, or order fireworks. Professionals are ready to accommodate any request.
  5. Decorate the decks and halls. You can choose the decor and table setting features yourself.
  6. The remaining part of the rental fee is paid 2-3 days before the trip.
  7. Arrive at the pier 20-30 minutes before the boat’s departure.

Why are Boats Popular in Winter?

A New Year’s corporate party on a boat is a bright and unconventional approach to celebration. Your employees and colleagues will be delighted with such an original approach to event organization. Such an event will help unite the team and spend time in a fun and energetic way. You can create a celebration on board in any format. There are many ideas and scenarios for the event.

Ocean landscapes are mesmerizing. You will have the opportunity to explore familiar attractions from a different angle. In the evening, Tenerife is filled with festive illuminations. Millions of lights reflect on the ocean surface, creating a special cozy and festive atmosphere.