IVG bars- a choice of vapers

IVG bars are a well-recognized device for their efficient usage. The IVG has formerly broadened their products portfolio. The IVG has introduced IVG bars in the market, which are disposable e-cigarettes that have come up with a wide variety of different flavors. It comprises people’s favorites such as strawberry, watermelon, and cola ice. In expansion, the IVG has also evolved a butter cookie, a very tasty dessert type new flavor that makes users fall in love with it. This device includes the ratio of IVG’s TPD law-abiding 50/50 VG and PG e-liquid that offers the user a well-balanced and good vaping experience. 


Keeping in mind users’ comfort, the device is designed so conveniently that the product is ready to use right after its opening. It is ready to use the device just after its unpacking. This device has drawn-activated technology, which makes users easily use the device without even pressing any button. It has a pre-charged battery of 500 mAH, which lasts for up to 600 puffs that correspond to at least 30 cigarettes. 


 This device allows users to satisfy their cravings by attaining a satisfactory throat strike as it comes with 2ml of 20 mg nic salt of e-liquid. Thoroughly, this device is an exemplary remedy for those people who are willing to quit smoking. The device spotlights are as follows-

  • MTL draw
  • Up to 600 puff as it has a durable battery of 500 mAh 
  • Automatic draw 
  • It has 2ml of illiquid capacity
  • Prefilled with nic salt
  • Disposable

As this device is disposable, it is very worthwhile to use. 

These IVG bars have become very popular among people due to their conventionality and great flavors. The IVG disposable bar is its first disposable bar, and it is leak-free and very susceptible to use. The flavors are just extraordinary, precisely, no other company could have processed such a wide range of flavors in a vaping device. Almost 16 different flavors vary from a mix of fruits, drinks, iced, and the cookie one. There are a lot of options according to the taste preferences. Vaping using this device is such a simple task. Just unwrap, peel off the bung, and vape, it’s just like that. 

According to users’ reviews, the users get the proper satisfaction after every vape. The fruit flavors get a decisive fruity vibe and refreshing flavor. Most of the users highly recommend these IVG bars, which are disposable vapes with absolutely zero leakage. Many users found this device way more efficient, easier, and less harmful than smoking. Almost all of the users liked the device very much and especially loved the variety of flavors available. 

The IVG bars are compact and pocket-friendly devices and a great product for vaping as they are disposable. As it is disposable, it is filled with nic salt-based e-liquid, and it does not need to be refilled, change any pods or coil or charge it. We have to merely inhale the vape and enjoy vaping. 

People replaced cigarettes and smoking with new devices such as vape pens, vape bars, vape mods, etc. Although people enjoy vaping, it has side effects too that may cause harm to the body, but they are less than that of smoking, so it is better for a person to vape to quit smoking. 


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