Huntington car accident: Does hiring a lawyer make a difference?

In the aftermath of a car crash in Huntington, you probably want to know whether you can sue the at-fault driver for their reckless action. Indiana is a fault state, which means the at-fault driver is liable for your losses. However, things may not move as expected, and recovering a settlement can take considerable work. For someone who never had a brush with the legal system, filing a car accident claim may seem like a challenging task. Let’s start by clearing the air – The laws in Indiana don’t require you to hire an attorney for your case. Even though you can file a claim independently, consulting a Huntington car accident attorney can make a big difference.

Lawyers have experience and knowledge

There is no denying that an accident attorney with years of practice has the knowledge that you don’t. The lawyer has probably filed and won numerous auto accident claims, and their knowledge can be extremely handy in navigating through the system. Also, local lawyers know the insurance adjusters and court staff and are familiar with how things work in Huntington. They can help you evaluate the circumstances without being unfair or trying to please you.

Lawyers have a better understanding of insurance tactics

Insurance companies don’t care for claimants, and that’s the hard truth. You cannot expect the claims adjuster to understand your pain or suffering, and they will do everything in their might to prove that your claim is worth less than what you say. Hiring a lawyer allows you to recover and rest as they handle the communications on your behalf. While an accident lawyer may accept a settlement when the offer is decent, they also know when to take a more aggressive stance.

Lawyers can investigate better

Proving the fault of the other driver is the core aspect of your injury claim. If you don’t have evidence or witnesses to support your case, you may end up with a much lower settlement. Hiring an accident lawyer allows you to take a step back and have an expert deal with the investigation. Also, law firms rely on resources and contacts to gather information, which would be otherwise impossible for you. They can also use the evidence in an effective way when a lawsuit is filed.

While no lawyer in Huntington can promise you an exact settlement, they can work hard to maximize your chances. You don’t pay the lawyer until you recover money, which is also a significant advantage.