How to import a car to Canada from USA

Buying automobiles in the United States makes sense in a few circumstances, despite the unfavourable currency rate for Canadians. I’ve done it a few times and am familiar with all of the requirements. It isn’t impossible, but it does necessitate effort. Here’s how to import a car to Canada from USA:

  1. Confirm that your car is eligible for importation into Canada

The first step is to check with the Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) to see if the automobile you want to buy is legal to import into Canada. Whether your car is coming from the United States, you should check the Registrar of Imported Vehicles Compatibility List to see if it will pass inspection. You can also use the RIV’s Importer Checklist to ensure that your vehicle satisfies the necessary standards.

  1. Documents you’ll need to clear customs
  • Information Technology Network (ITN) (received from customs broker)
  • Original signed car title certificate (signed by the seller unless the title is in the name of the importer)
  • Your vehicle’s original bill of sale or invoice (this must include the seller’s name, phone number, signature, and address).
  • Have your driver’s licence on hand or leave a copy with your carrier.
  1. Arrive at the border in your car

Depending on the sort of insurance you have, you may often drive or carry your vehicle across the border. All that’s left is to double-check that the border you’re crossing has an export office. To avoid unwanted surprises on the big day, do this ahead of time.

  1. Pay the necessary import taxes and fees

The whole sum indicated on the bill of sale will be subject to GST and HST (based on your region of entry). Bring copies of the financial transactions or other proof of payment to present to customs.

  1. Make a car registration.

You have 45 days from the time your automobile is lawfully in the nation to go to registration and register and plate it. You should also check with your provincial proof of insurance firms to see if there are any additional requirements for insuring an out-of-country car.


You’ll have to go through a few hoops if you want to import an automobile to Canada from the United States or elsewhere. These may involve scheduling an inspection, confirming that your car is suitable for import, and completing the necessary documentation.