Here are the Safety Regulations to Keep in Mind While Building Playgrounds

When a playground is being designed, there is not only the visual aesthetics that matter. There are multiple aspects that are taken into consideration while designing one. The most important responsibility lies in ensuring the safety at play and that no child endures risk while playing. One needs to know the safety regulations that are required for designing ground and this would ensure that a safe area is built for kids. The regulations must be aligned with the federal, state, and city laws.

Establish clear boundaries

Playgrounds must be set up in areas where kids will be having the freedom to run and play. There must not be any fear of getting hit by cars or getting lost in unknown areas. To make the ground safer, it is ideal that you set up clear boundaries by fencing the perimeter. This is an extremely helpful measure for the day care facilities as the kids would be too young to remember their actual play areas.

Put soft surfacing in fall zones

Soft surfacing for the playgrounds may range from loose mulch to poured in place rubber. This is essential to ensure safety in the hard fall zones. Before designing the grounds, ensure that you have checked the guidelines and they are complying with the regulations. You must keep in mind that the commercial playground areas need constant refilling of these materials.

Use proper spacing between equipment

The equipment in the playgrounds needs to be placed at predefined distances. This has been put into action by the National Safety Council and they recommend a minimum distance of six feet between each one of them. The kids will be able to run and walk freely without stumbling down on other kids.

Provide sun protection

Sunshine is always good for children but not too much of it. Excessive sunlight can result in sunburns or other skin issues. Hence, the playgrounds must have a shaded area where the kids can take a break from the heat. The covered area can also have some seating facilities to help the kid recover from excessive sun exposure.

Building playgrounds have always been a huge responsibility. But before building them, you must be well aware of the guidelines and should comply with them. For the best equipment and furniture for the grounds, check out the Inspire play park furniture section today.