Got Into a Motorcycle Accident? Follow This Checklist!

Photo of helmet and motorcycle on road, the concept of road accidents

Motorcycle accidents are terrifying and painful at the same time. Such accidents are often grave when the rider has minimal or no protective gear putting him in an incredibly vulnerable spot. However, they are not so uncommon. Some survivors get to walk away without a scratch, whereas others never get to walk again. Even the most cautious riders sometimes meet with accidents. You can read more about it as you read this blog ahead!

Checklist following an accident in Lexington 

If one has been in a motorcycle accident, one would have to take several measures to ensure their well-being and protect their legal rights.

  •  Getting oneself to safety

The first step after a motorcycle accident is getting oneself to safety. It is also counterintuitive to keep all your gear on to prevent serious damage to the head, neck, and spine.

  • Seek Medical attention

The next most important step would be to inform the Emergency services (Call 911) or get yourself to the nearest hospital, depending on the severity of your injuries. Keep your emergency contacts handy so someone from the scene can help inform your dear ones. Make sure to report all injuries and symptoms on reaching the ER.

  • Evaluate the situation and gather evidence

After the accident, there is a good chance you might go into an emotional and physical shock. Try to remain calm and assess the situation. Though it might seem uncivil, it is important to gather evidence about what you can; contact details of all parties involved, photos from the scene, bike, and other factors for insurance and legal purposes.

  • Cooperate with the police

It is likely that the police will contact you for the statement, either at the accident scene or at the Emergency room/location of recovery. While it is important not to suppress any information, be careful not to admit fault until you have had time to process the event.

  • Give a detailed report to your insurance company and Attorney

Call your insurance company as soon as possible and give your agent all the necessary information about the accident along with all the evidence collected.

Contact your attorney if you have a viable personal injury legal case or if you want them to take care of your communications with the insurance company.

Being as safe and responsible as possible is a commitment every motorcyclist needs to make. Knowing what to do after a motorcycle accident can save you from more physical, emotional, and legal damage.