Food Preservation and Dry Freezing – A Brief Case Study

Food items do not normally last for more than 3 days. If you can manage to keep them refrigerated, maybe a maximum of a little over a week will the food particles be safe for consumption. There are many diseases that can be caused due to stale food. Food becomes stale basically due to the oxidation of moisture particles in it.

In order to avoid food from becoming stale, there are various techniques, but the most popular one is dry freezing. Dry freezing is a process that has to be carried out using precise and proper pieces of equipment. Fortunately, companies like LeDab sell high-end small freeze dryer that exceeds the industry standards in quality and durability.

Why does food go stale?

Any food particle, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, will have water content in it. In fact, most food consumed by humans has almost 60 percent water and the rest is other constituents. 

Water has its own advantages when present in food particles. In most cases, the water and moisture content of the eatables is what gives it the desired taste and texture.

But one downside of this water content in the food you eat is that—moisture contributes to the food becoming stale. The water content in food reacts with the air in the atmosphere and forms insoluble compounds on the surface or bulk of the material, making it not consumable. 

This reaction to the water in food can be slowed down by keeping the edibles in a cold and dry place. In a cold place, the water is not in a condition to form bonds with air molecules and become stale. It’s the principle behind refrigerators.

But slowing down the process of food getting stale is not enough for preserving it for long periods. This is particularly true in the case of the aerospace industry and pharmaceuticals. But some products can also be useful if it was able to keep them from getting stale in the kitchen. 

This is where small dry freezing units come into play. By taking away the moisture content in the food at ambient pressure and temperature, the food will be preserved for long periods of time.

Even though the preservation of food is necessary for the human race, it is only recently that techniques like dry freezing gained popularity. If employed at the right time and place, dry freezing can prove to be very useful.

In short, it is advisable to team up with reputed companies and acquire your small freeze dryer to preserve food items.