Dental Implant Surgery – The Obstacles at Early Stage and Later

Dental implant surgery is very common among people. The success rate of dental implant is 95%. Dental implant surgery is a process of placing an artificial tooth root into your jaw in order to grip the restored tooth. People undergo dental implant surgery when a tooth or more is missing, to take off the damaged tooth, for perfect facial shape and natural look, etc.

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Though dental implants have high success rate, there are some cases reported about its failure and complications. In order to avoid any complications, proper surgery planning is required.

Proper and careful planning with your dentist helps to decrease the failure rate ensuring the success of your surgery. However, what are the factors that effects the dental implant? Let us learn about it briefly.

Factors effecting dental implant surgery at early stage

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  • Smoking and alcohol consumption:

Smoking slows down the healing process as it blocks the blood flow to the gums thereby causing the failure of dental implant. Further, the consumption of alcohol is also a reason behind its failure.

  • Periodontal disease:

It is a type of gum disease, which damages your gums. You cannot have a dental implant with unhealthy gums.

  • Lacking sufficient jaw bone:

Dental implant surgery needs a sufficient and strong jawbone. It becomes difficult for the surgeon to perform the surgery if you do not have a healthy bone.

  • An unskilled surgeon:

The dental implant is definitely going to be unsuccessful if the surgeon does not possess enough experience along with good skills and techniques. You should also know about the success rate of the surgeon.

  • Inadequate care:

You are more likely to face dental implant problem if you do not maintain a good and healthy oral hygiene as per the doctor’s instructions.

  • Medical history:

You cannot undergo dental implant if you are suffering from cancer or diabetes. This also applies if you are under any medication as well.

  • Risk of infection:

If not taken proper care, the risk of infection is quite high at the place of implant. The infection may lead to swelling, loss of taste and severe pain.

Late effects of dental implant

There are chances where you may face problems years later of the dental implant surgery, such as:

  • In case, if the surgeon places the implant too close to a nerve, it may later result in nerve or tissue damage.
  • Sometimes our body may reject any foreign body resulting in swelling and infection.
  • Dental implant may also cause sinus cavity.

Dental implant problems may be a rare case however; you can eliminate the risk by taking proper care of your implants. Make sure to visit your family dentist frequently and avoid taking food or drinks that cause damage to your implant.