3 Wonderful Places You Must Visit In Solo, Indonesia

Have you ever learned of Solo before? The same as Yogyakarta, Solo was a Sultanate “Kingdom” until Indonesia obtained its liberty in 1945. But now, Solo includes another government system in contrast to Yogyakarta that remains a semi monarchy area, “the only one in Indonesia”. Yes, not like its previous brother Yogyakarta whose king “Sultan” remains automatically elected as a governor, ” that Surakarta is dominated by the governor that is elected democratically every four years from the individuals of Solo, so the governor isn’t in the Royal Family.

Bali, the Royal Families in Solo, remain admired and have numerous characters in carrying cultures, customs, and religions that are still dense in Solo. Situated in Central Java, Solo is a town that’s well Called a business center but still waits. Solo has a lot of excellent tourist attractions and places to see like Its previous brother Yogyakarta, also here would be the incredible places that you ought to see in Solo:


The first impression I got when I moved to the place during the Solo Fam Trip that The Tourism Office of Surakarta holds is that this area has nothing particular, and I was just like, “Nah, there’s only an older building in the center of town”. But wait till you get to this particular museum.

Yeah, my thoughts changed immediately once I entered the memorial, wew, ”It is not only an old building in the center of the audience, This area has a soul which sticks with it along the older air that surrounded the construction, it is like I was being carried into yesteryear. As you enter the museum, you will understand plenty of collections of phonograph records and cassettes, and you might even listen to the address of Indonesia’s First President through the Independence Day of Indonesia from 1945, be aware, this address is the first one “the master of this album”!

But today, Lokanata has lots of collections of classic songs from around Indonesia and older pop tunes, including keroncong music genres. It was developed in 1965 as the primary and just real music recording business, and they’re still conducting the recording generation even today. If you have a group or possess talent in singing, then why not attempt to record your song in this case, that knows it will be a turning point for you in turning into a large star!


The following day in Solo, we moved to Pasar Gede to try out some conventional foods and drinks. Pasar Gede is an immense classic marketplace constructed during the colonial period. Therefore that is why the construction has a powerful European design. Back in Bahasa, Pasar intends Market and Gede signifies Enormous. Therefore it is a massive marketplace found in the center of town.

Within this market, you’ll discover a good deal of standard food vendors that sell several types of foods. It’s not just food, and they also sell fruits and vegetables. Wew, an ideal location for your food fans. I tasted one, and they called it Dawet Ayu. Dawet Ayu is still a type of conventional drink, which differs from ordinary Dawet marketed everywhere. It includes rice or onggok, black glutinous rice, along with selasih. Dawet Ayu is served with mild coconut milk and palm sugar in a bowl. This type of drink was President Jokowi’s beloved drink when he functioned as the Mayor of all Solo City, actually until today. After going to the marketplace, we leased a Becak to research amazing areas across the city.


Do you know batik? Yes, it’s Indonesia’s conventional cloth, created in a traditional manner. When batik is sewn to clothes, it will likewise become amazing clothing that’s generally worn throughout the formal occasion, such as a wedding or some other formal meetings. This museum is situated at Jl. Slamet Riadi 261.

They have a good deal of batik from around Indonesia. Not only from Indonesia, they also have a group of batik in Holland and China. The motifs aren’t like the usual themes of batik which Indonesian produces. If you would like to purchase your first batik clothing, this is the ideal location for you to catch yours. Well, what is astonishing is, you may even learn to produce batik conventionally.

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