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Romelu Lukaku Wiki, Age, Height, Weight Family, Affairs, Wife, Cars, Net Worth

Romelu Lukaku full name is Romelu Menama Lukaku Bolingoli who is a Belgian professional footballer and also plays as a striker for English club Manchester United and the Belgium national team. Lukaku was born May 13, 1993, in Antwerp, Belgium. Lukaku’s stats are unbelievably amazing and his performances have helped Belgium increase their overall FIFA ranking. He was recently transferred from Everton to Manchester United. He is one of only five players to have scored 50 Premier League goals before their 23rd birthday, and the fifth youngest to have scored 100 goals in the competition. At the international level, he holds the all-time record of 40 goals scored for the Belgian national team. Read More About Romelu Lukaku Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Affairs, Religion, Wife, Cars, Net Worth.

Romelu Lukaku With His Mother
Romelu Lukaku With His Mother

Romelu Lukaku age is 25 (2018) years old and born in Antwerp, Belgium. Romelu Lukaku Height is 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in) and Weight: 94 kg. His father name is Roger Lukaku who is a  former Belgian/Congolese football player and his mother name is Adolphine Lukaku. Romelu Lukaku has ane brother named Jordan Lukaku. Jordan Lukaku also is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as a left back for Italian club Lazio and the Belgium national team. Romelu Lukaku girlfriend name is Sarah Mans and Julia. Romelu Lukaku net worth $145 million and one of the youngest popular footballer Romelu Lukaku Wiki.

Lukaku joined his local team Rupel Boom at age five. After four seasons at Rupel Boom, Lukaku was discovered by scouts of Lierse, a Belgian Pro League club with an established youth academy. He played for Lierse from 2004 until 2006, scoring 121 goals in 68 matches. After Lierse were relegated from the Belgian Pro League, Anderlecht purchased 13 youth players from Lierse in the 2006 mid-season, including Lukaku. He played three more years as a youth player with Anderlecht, scoring 131 goals in 93 matches  Romelu Lukaku Wiki.   Read More About MarceloIgor AkinfeevNeymarLionel Messi & Romelu Lukaku Wiki.

Lukaku started his career with local club Rupel Boom, before joining Lierse, where he earned a move to Anderlecht of the Belgian Pro League in 2006. Lukaku made his professional debut while still at school at age 16, and became the 2009–10 top scorer in Belgium as Anderlecht won the Belgian championship. He also won the Belgian Ebony Shoe in 2011. In the 2011 summer transfer window, Lukaku joined Premier League club, Chelsea. He did not appear regularly in his first season there and spent the following two seasons on loan at West Bromwich Albion and Everton respectively, signing permanently for the latter for a club record £28 million in 2014. Three years later, Lukaku signed for Manchester United for a club record transfer fee of up to £90 million. Lukaku made his senior international debut for Belgium in 2010. He has since earned over 70 caps and is their all-time record goalscorer with 40 goals and has also represented the country at the 2014 World Cup, Euro 2016 and the 2018 World Cup Romelu Lukaku Wiki.

Romelu Lukaku Wiki
Romelu Lukaku Wiki

Romelu Lukaku Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Affairs, Religion, Wife, Cars, Net Worth

Romelu Lukaku Wiki

Full Name: Romelu Menama Lukaku Bolingoli
Nickname: Lukaku
Father’s Name: Roger Lukaku
Mother: Adolphine Lukaku
Brother: Jordan Lukaku
Sister: N/A
Date of Birth: 13 May 1993
Birth Place: Antwerp, Belgium
Age in 2018: 25 years
Height: 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Profession: Soccer Football player
Position: Forward
Teams: Manchester United FC
Marital status: Unmarried
Wife Name: N/A
Love Affairs,
Sarah Mans
Marriage Date/year: N/A
Shirt No: 9
Weight: 94 kg
193 lbs
Education: N/A
College/University: School in Hometown
Religion: Christianity
Mailing Address: N/A
Nationality: Belgian
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Phone Number: N/A
Best Friends: Paul Pogba
Debut in the profession: 2009, 2010 for the National team
Hobbies: Playing football, Music, Video games
Children: N/A
Net worth: $20 Million
Salary: $6 Million
Earnings Sources: Club deals, Sponsorship deals, Business
Car collections/Fav Car: Range Rover
House Luxury Home in Antwerp
Smoking: No
Drinking Alcohol: Occasionally
Charity: Helping poor & Needy
Controversies: N/A
Romelu Lukaku Favourites
Favorite food: Italian, Russian
Favorite drinks: N/A
Favorite Superhero: N/A
Favorite Book: N/A
Favorite sports: Football, Soccer
Favorite Musician/Music: N/A
Favorite Subject: N/A
Favorite Footballers: Ronaldinho
Favorite Politician: Laurette Onkelinx
Favorite actor: Jean-Claude Van Damme
Favorite Actress: Alexandra Vandernoot
Favorite cell phone/Brand: N/A
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite Flower: Red Rose
Favorite Time of Day Evening
Favorite Sports Team Manchester United
Favorite Celebrity Baby Name N/A
Favorite Website Twitter
Favorite Animal N/A
Favorite Digit 9
Favorite Pet Not Known
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Romelu Lukaku Life stories 

I was only six when I was young. Every day I come home from school during the lunch break. Lunch menu but scheduled. There is no day that the mother did not put bread and milk on the table for me. At that young age, I had the idea that this might be normal.

One day event Like other days, I came home in the lunch break. After walking into the kitchen, we got to walk towards the kitchen. I could see from a distance, my mother was preparing milk for me. Suddenly, Mother seems to be mixing something with milk. Mother came to me with lunch to shake the bottle of milk. I could not understand anything. However, it seemed like the behavior of the mother, everything was normal. Suddenly everything became clean like water, in front of me.

Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku Wiki

My mother was mixing water with milk. We did not have enough milk for the whole week. There was not enough money to buy milk again. We were absolutely defenseless. Neither poor nor needy At first I thought, we’re actually going to float.

Dad was a professional footballer. But I’m talking about that time when his career is almost on the decline. All the money that the money earned was on the way to go now. The first thing that went out of the house is the TV. Football was also removed from the house with the TV.

When I returned home, I saw all the lights in the house. I did not know, there was no electricity. Thus, we had to stay in the dark for two or three weeks. There was no hot water to take a bath. Mother used to heat a bottle of water on the stove. I used to take bath in small cups and take bath with water.

Once upon a time, the mother started buying the baked bag from the shop. The shopkeeper knew me and my little brother. On the condition of our kindness, the shopkeeper would give a piece of bread to his mother’s mother on Monday on condition of paying the money.

I know that at the age of six years, we are struggling in the war. But on the day when I saw milk pouring water with milk, I realized that everything was actually finished. On that day I fully understood the word ‘struggle’. To understand, it is actually our life.

That afternoon, I did not say a word. I did not ask her anything about this. I ended up eating silently. But on that day, I committed myself to that afternoon. I knew what I had to do and what I was going to do. It is like this that somebody slapped me with a slap and woke up from flawless sleep Romelu Lukaku Wiki.

In the world, I never saw my mother in that poor condition and I could not see it. No no no

Footballers love to talk about sportsmenmental strengths. I think you will not find anyone in your life who has strong psychic power. I still remember- I, my younger brother and mother, used to sit in darkness and pray together in the dark. We started believing in what is going to happen in the future.

My promise was in my own mind. But sometimes I used to cry back to my mother after school. Finally, one day I could not hold myself back. Mother said that day, everything will be fine mother You see, very soon I will play football in the Anderlecht club. We’ll go back to the previous state. You will not have any worries.

Then I was only six. One day I asked my father when does a professional football player? Dad said, from the age of 16. From then on I was waiting for ’16 years of age’.

Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku Wiki

I was not sitting at this time. At every moment I have been moving towards my promise. All the matches that I have played since that time were all for me in the final match. When playing football in the park, that’s the final match for me. I’m playing kindergarten at Tiffin, that’s the final match for me. I started moving towards my goal like a blind person. When I shot, I wanted to tear the ball in every shot. I would kick my body with all the power. I did not levy any trick during the kick. I knew it was not the FIFA game of Play Station. I never played it. In simple words, I just jumped for the ‘kill’ and said I would kick Romelu Lukaku Wiki.

At one time I started to grow tall. A little longer than others. Some teachers in the school and some guards looked at me and did the frown. I remember a day when an elderly person asked me about my age. I asked about my birth.

When I was playing for the Livera Youth Team at the age of eleven, one of the players on the opposing team came and stopped me from playing field. They wanted to know again, how old is this child? Where is his identity card? Where did he come from?

I think of where I came from, I mean? I was born on this entry. I am a Belgian

My father did not live with me like others. There were also reasons for this. We did not have any car. So I had to go alone in any sport far away. I came in the face of other Guardians and I came with my ID card. After bringing them, they started researching my ID card. By then my body started to blossom. I’m just thinking of myself, I just wanted to defeat my son in the game, but now I will tweak them completely. Your sons will go home to weep each other. ” Romelu Lukaku Wiki ”

I always wanted to be the best footballer in Belgian history. Not a good footballer, not great footballer either. That was the only goal of my life. I have participated in every game with fierce anger.

Romelu Lukaku Wiki
Romelu Lukaku Wiki

I used to be on my head while playing, all our mice raced … I can not see the Champions League due to the absence of a TV … why other guards look at me oddly …

I went ahead with a goal. I had a mission. When I was 12, I scored 76 goals in 34 matches. All these goals I did after my father’s shoes. One time when I became a little taller then my father and my legs became equal in size. There was no restriction on sharing one pair of shoes.

In the meantime, my daughter called me one day. My mother’s father. One of the most important people that is joining my life is that he is one Romelu Lukaku Wiki.

This nanyai was the only link with his mother-in-law’s congo. I called Nana with great enthusiasm. I said to the phone, do you know, I’m really good now. In this season, I scored 76 goals and eventually, the league also came under our control. Something good in front of me is flicking me.

I usually talked about my games by phone. But something happened that day. They said very good news. Immediately said, can you do me a favor?

Although I was a little surprised, I immediately said, I can certainly. Tell me, what is that?

He said in a strange voice, can you see my daughter and keep it, please?

I was completely frightened. Why are you suddenly talking about such a thing? I said the mother is talking? We are very good.

He said, no, you promise me. Can you? You will only see my daughter, keep it, take care. Can you promise?

I was promised my grandfather soon. Mother will never be hurt if she is alive.

Five days after the death died. I understand what the others really wanted to mean me. I felt very sad that if I lived for four years, I could have seen myself playing in the Anderlecht Club. He could have seen that I had promised him. Everything is going well.” Romelu Lukaku Wiki ”

I told my mother, look, at the age of 16, your son will play in the league. But I did not do that. My 11 days were delayed.

May 24, 2009, That day is still in sight. Playoff finals between Anderlecht and the Standard League The coach have placed me on the bench of the Under-19 team. I sat down on the bench and cheated myself and thought if I still have to sit outside the field then how can I play the league?

Romelu Lukaku Wiki
Romelu Lukaku Wiki

Thinking about that, I sat with the coach on that day.

I told the coach, if you want to play me, then I’ll give you 25 goals in December.

Coach literally smiled after listening to me. I’m stubborn but. Now I challenge the coach directly. He accepted that challenge. I threatened if you fail then send me back to the bench.

But I’m not the one to leave. I said if I win if I win, then I have two objections. First of all, the minivans that have to be taken from the home to the field are to be cleaned. And secondly, we have to give pancakes every day to eat. The coach accepted it in one word. It was probably the worst challenge caught in any human in the world.

By November I made 25 goals! And before Christmas, I and my team started eating pancakes. This incident teaches one. There is never a challenge with hungry people.

On May 13th, my contract with Anderlecht was on my birthday. On that day I went straight to the house and took the cable connection. The football season for that year is almost at the end. But what the thrill of the season was that cannot be understood! Anderlecht with the same level of points and face the Standard League. To determine the title, two teams will have to play two playoff matches.

I was in Basati on the first leg. I spent a lot like playing football on a TV football fan. The incident happened the day before the second leg. The reserve bench’s coach called me.

– Hello?

– Hello, Rome. What are you doing

– Come on in the park. To play football.

– No, no, no … just grab your bag. At the moment …

– I mean! What are you saying? !!

– Hmmm, you just come to the stadium. The original XIII wants you …

– I mean! I !!!

– Yes, you. Come on fast.

Literally, I ran to my father’s room. Just go and say, get up. We have to go Dad asked, where? I said, Anderlecht!

That moment is not really a problem. I went into the stadium and ran a race in the dressing room. Ketman addressed me as a child. Ask me, how much do you want jersey number? I said, give me ten jerseys.

When I remember that, I still smile. Probably not be scared or frustrated. I was quite a bit younger because then maybe

Kitman said the players of the academy had to choose jersey after the number 30.

I said, okay. Three and six are not added. Looks like the number is good. Give me 36 I liked jersey number 36.

Dinner with the senior players of the hotel at night at night. Everyone there asked me to sing a song together. The song will be just for them. I was actually on a whim. The head is completely rotating. What song I sang, how long I sang, nothing remembers me.

The next morning a fun incident happened. A friend came home in the morning and said.

Seeing me with my mother asked me, Where is Romelu? We go to play football.

Mother but unconquered. With this nonsense, he said, Rendell went out to play.

– Where?

– Final!

When our bus with the players stopped at the stadium, everyone was going down the lower legs. Every senior player was wearing a suit. The only trucker on my body to play in the neighborhood Every TV camera came along to my face. From the bus stop where the dressing room is 300 meters away. Walking for at least three minutes. That way, how I came, I do not even know myself. According to some, I got myself in the dressing room and hidden.

My phone was playing at the same time. All of the acquaintances have watched me on TV. Especially I understand that my friends have become a bit scared. Just three minutes my mobile phone came in 25 SMS!

“Hey, what’s going on? You can see on TV … ” ” Romelu Lukaku Wiki ”

“Rome, why do you play? !!”

I just sent a return SMS to my best friend. “Friend, I do not really know what’s going to happen. I can play today or not. You just keep an eye on the TV. ”

The desired moment came in 63 minutes of the game. The coach took me to the ground as a replacement. I got on the field with anandlakhat. I was 16 years and 11 days old.

Romelu Lukaku Wiki
Romelu Lukaku Wiki

We lost the match that day. But my situation was very different. I felt like I was in heaven, it seems to me. I have been able to protect my mother and grandfather. That was a moment, at the time I realized that everything is going well.

The next year got better. My last year’s high school is going on. At the same time, I am also playing in the Europa League. Every day while going to school, I took a big bag. Later, I would go to school from the school. That year we won the league title. But the most surprising thing was that I was elected the best African player of the year!

Everything was just like my expectations. But perhaps very slowly. Suddenly, the magazines started with me. They came up with a lot of expectations and they brought me up. But I think there was a problem somewhere. I was not playing well in the national team. Why could not I Of course, how old or how old I was. Gradually three years have passed. After finishing 17, 18, I walked for 19 years.

Everything is going well. In the meantime, once I read the magazine, I wrote ‘Romelu Lakaku, Belgian Striker’!

But when I was densely in the field, I would have been called, ‘Romlu Luaku, the Belgian striker of the Congo family’.

If you do not like my game, then I have no problem. But I was born in this country. I grew up in this Antwerp, Lease, and Brussels. My dream was to play in the game I wanted to be like Vincent’s company all my life. The first language of my face was French, then learned Dutch. Spanish, Portuguese, or Lingala said Kale-Bhadra; Depends on where I am. Still, why am I African?

I am a Belgian We are all Belgian. We are all in this country.

I do not understand why some people in my country want me to see me as a failure forever. I really do not understand When Chelsea’s side was sitting on the bench, I also saw some people laughing at me. Once the West Brom took me to the play, still I saw some people laughing at me.

Once upon a time, I accepted it. When we were in trouble, those who used to avoid us, these people are actually those people. I think you will never understand me when you do not come near me.

Funny thing to know, when I was young, I could not see champion league football for ten years. Yes, ten years. Actually, it was not possible for us. I used to come to the school to hear every boy talking about the final match. But I did not have any idea about it. A 2002 incident reminds me of the service of Madrid and Leverkusen. The next day, everyone was saying in school, ‘What a great game, especially that volley, Oh My God!’

I did not know anything But I had to pretend that I know what they are talking about.

Two weeks later when the computer went to the class, one of my friends downloaded the video from the internet. And in the end, I also had the fortune to see those wonderful volley matches.

I went to the friend’s house to see the finals of the summer in that year. Ronaldo saw me And I spent the rest of the tournament listening to my friends at the school. ” Romelu Lukaku Wiki ”

I remember I remember quite well that in 2002 there was a hole in my shoe. Big Hole

Just twelve years later I played the football World Cup!

Now I am playing another World Cup. My brother also plays football with me. In a similar way, two boys from a family are playing in the national team, how it is possible! One thing you need to remember here is that life is actually too small to handle different events and stress. It does not matter what people think about me or my party.

When I was a child, we did not see Thierry Henri on TV any time during the match. Frankly, we did not have the capability to do it. But now we learn from him every day. Now I stand with the legend of blood and flesh every day. He taught me, how to run in the air, he would run exactly like he did. Thierry is probably the only one on earth Romelu Lukaku Wiki.

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