How to play multi-hand games at online casinos?

Multi-hand casino games have become a staple in online gaming over the last decade. The ability to play multiple hands simultaneously provides added excitement and increased payout potential. When played properly, multi-hand games like video poker, blackjack, and slots can be a fun and profitable experience online. In a multi-hand game, the player plays multiple hands simultaneously from a single bet. The game initiates different hands, usually between 3 to 100, starting with the same deal. The player then plays out each hand individually according to normal game rules and payouts are awarded for winning outcomes across any of the hands.

Bet sizing and costs

An important thing to understand is that each hand you play requires an additional bet, which is deducted from your total balance. So, a 10-hand game at $1 per hand costs $10 per round. It adds up quickly, so managing money and limiting sessions is key. Start small until you get the hang of multi-hand dynamics. For beginners, sticking to 10 or less hands is recommended. As you get comfortable, you gradually increase the number of hands, which boosts action and payout potential. On video poker, expert players comfortably play 50+ hands simultaneously, often maxing out the game limit.

Focus on volatility management

Multi-hand games come with inherently higher volatility and variance versus standard single-hand games. You’ll experience bigger swings in balance and longer dry spells without wins. Manage risk by lowering your bet-per-hand and playing more measured sessions to offset the volatility.

  • Multi-hand video poker – Learn optimal hold strategies for full-pay machines. Focus on frequently landing smaller paying hands across the many games to accumulate wins.
  • Multi-hand blackjack – Don’t split or double down when the totals differ across hands. Focus on the basic strategy for the initial deal.
  • Multi-line slots – Stick to reputable RTG or Betsoft slots with high RTP. Budget your session and stop on big wins.

Practice bankroll management

As with any online gambling, have a separate bankroll and stick to a fixed amount per session. Because multi-hand games speed up the action, you must monitor your balance and time investment. Set stop losses and win goals and don’t chase losses. Distribute your bankroll to last many short sessions rather than fewer marathons. While welcome and reload bonuses are a great way to boost your bankroll, keep playthrough requirements in mind before accepting a bonus.

If the game and style don’t fit the requirements, the bonus could cost you money in the long run. Multi-hand games online add an extra layer of action and payout potential. But, the increased speed of play and volatility also bring added risk. Play conservatively, learn simple strategies for the game, manage your bankroll wisely, and only ramp up hands and bets once you gain experience. Used correctly, multi-hand games provide some of the best entertainment online casinos offer. Check out this website guys over at