September 20, 2023


How Can You Travel on a Budget Even If You Are a Beginner?

Many people dream of travel but are discouraged by budget constraints. The desire for adventure and exploration often clashes with financial realities, hindering people from experiencing the world’s wonders.

You can find ways to travelling on a budget by reading the blog in Only By Land by James Smith of the UK.

Let us share a few tips to travel on a budget in this post.

  1. Start planning early.

Planning early for your first big trip is crucial for saving money. Monitor fluctuating prices to secure discounts on flights, hotels, and activities.

  1. Book at the right time.

While last-minute deals can be budget-friendly, planning and booking transport, lodging, and activities ahead of time is usually cheaper and less stressful.

  1. Skip overpriced tours.

Exploring a new city can be self-guided with online resources, saving on guided tour costs. Alternatively, many major cities offer free walking tours with gratuities appreciated.

The following Apps provide comprehensive city information, often free but occasionally with a small fee

  • Spotted By Locals
  • Tripadvisor
  • Rick Steves.
  1. Use reward points.

Utilize reward points for significant savings on travel expenses like hotels and flights. Accumulate points, often through credit card welcome bonuses, and plan strategically for cost-effective trips.

  1. Travel in the off-season.

Traveling during the off-season means fewer crowds, cost savings, and a more exclusive experience. The weather may vary.

  1. Avoid tourist traps.

Opt for lesser-known destinations to save on travel expenses. Choose local eateries away from main strips in popular spots for better, cost-effective dining experiences.

  1. Fly mid-week.

Flights are more expensive because more individuals have time to travel on the weekends. Try to fly between Tuesday and Thursday.

  1. Be prepared to share.

If you are willing to stay in a dorm with a shared bathroom in a hostel, you can significantly reduce the cost of your hotel room when traveling.

  1. Look into carpooling services.

A few services connect travellers with available car spaces, often cheaper than public transport, benefiting drivers and passengers.

  1. Look for free activities in the area you have selected.

Are you traveling on a budget? Seek free activities like museum days, local events, and free walking tours (remember to tip guides).

  1. Use public transportation.

Public transport in a new place offers cost-effective travel and the opportunity to connect with locals, avoiding potential overcharges and language barriers in private transportation.

  1. Prepare your meals.

Save money and ensure quality by preparing meals while traveling, allocating funds for other trip aspects, and researching unfamiliar foods to prevent food poisoning.

  1. Get a local SIM.

To save on international data costs, opt for a local SIM card with affordable data packages for navigation and staying connected while traveling.

  1. Know about ATM charges.

Minimize ATM fees while traveling by withdrawing larger sums infrequently, but be cautious about carrying excessive cash diversify storage locations.

When preparing for anything as a student, money and time are sometimes the first things that spring to mind. You must be aware of your limited resources and make plans accordingly. This article’s advice will assist you in doing that.

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