September 6, 2023


What are the types of dentures?

When a number of your teeth go missing because of some infection, harm, or trauma, your dentist might recommend using full and partial dentures. However, there are numerous ways to fix your missing teeth, and the most effective treatment can only be provided after the right examination and analysis. Whatever the type of denture you choose, you want to apprehend that it could take lots of time to get used to those, and you could even face a few tiers of discomfort in the beginning.

Types of dentures:

  • Full dentures: These are also known as complete dentures and feature both higher and lower dentures. It is a product of both porcelain and acrylic. Full dentures are wanted when you lose all your enamel. These dentures can last for 5 to 10 years if you offer them with the right care and keep them diligently.
  • Partial dentures: Such dentures are used to fill gaps created with the aid of some lacking teeth. They can be used either at the upper part of the teeth or the lower part of the enamel.
  • Temporary dentures: Also known as immediate dentures, temporary dentures are used just after the removal of your enamel. These dentures are used while you are looking forward to your new permanent dentures. Using those dentures, you could resume consuming food. They also lessen stress on the remaining tooth.
  • Flexible dentures: These are also a kind of partial denture but made of a thin thermoplastic material such as nylon. These don’t contain any metal parts in them and hence look more natural.
  • Fixed bridge: It is used to replace missing teeth, and in this process, an artificial tooth known as a crown is surgically cemented to the natural teeth. They are more costly than removable dentures.
  • Custom dentures: These dentures are designed to meet the specific needs of a patient, his preference, facial structure, etc. They provide better fitting and look almost like natural teeth.

The most appropriate available denture for you can only be determined after a thorough examination by a dentist. He will evaluate the extent of teeth loss and the health of your jawbone and consider your personal preferences. Hence, it’s vital to consult a dentist who understands your requirements and gets the high-quality possible treatment for your trouble. Moreover, it’s important to maintain your dentures properly and nicely so that they last for a longer period of time.

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